Pierre-André Guindon is a designer who is well known in Canada and the US for his many accomplishments in the decoration and renovation of private homes.

He combines his talents as a creator with imagination, creativity and inspiration with those of an entrepreneur with organization, discipline and attention to detail. The priority in his work is to listen to the needs of his clients.

“More than just decoration or a place to live, my designs create a warm atmosphere, providing all of the comfort that today’s technology can bring… For me, the greatest reward is when clients tell me that they feel at home the minute they enter their new interior…”

This is what Pierre-André Guindon aptly calls design-for-living, where attention to the materials, the interior architecture and the smallest touches and details allows for the creation of a beautiful location where it feels good to live…

Always professional, Pierre-André Guindon meets all challenges with discipline. Moreover, his love of the craft will inspire you to start other projects once the first is complete.

Pierre-André supports the Fondation du Centre jeunesse de Montréal : www.fondationcjm.ca