This client wanted to have a new bathroom in her image. Even though the room was tiny, she wanted to turn it into an oasis of relaxation.

She had bought herself a reproduction, a piece she treasured and from which she wanted me to use for inspiration. The client had also found a glass sink around which we had to draw a vanity. This lady wanted to have as much storage space as possible and find a way to give the impression of spaciousness.

Together, we set all her priorities. In order to cut some costs, she agreed to supervise the work site herself. She even wanted to buy some materials herself to save even more.

I created a suspended vanity to leave as much room for the custom designed glass and marble mosaic floor. With its mix of contrasts, this mosaic gave an effect of spaciousness. I thought of framing the art piece in the pharmacy door. We respected the style of the house using materials reminiscent of the last century. With the sink and the glass tiles, we added a more contemporary feel.

The client chose a version in shades of turquoise, more harmonious with her canvas and in keeping with her aquatic side. I convinced the client to revamp and keep the radiator because of its retro look and high quality heating. To cut costs, we agreed on a tile glass countertop instead of marble countertop.

We have provided her with a step-by-step guide and a list of highly recommended and trustworthy subcontractors. We guided and advised her throughout the creation of this room.

She oversaw the construction and the workers herself. The client shopped for some of the accessories and linens, all the while following our advice. We provided her with the wall coverings, flooring, window coverings, and light fixtures.

Thanks to her efforts and our advice, the client got her dream oasis!

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