Outstanding cook, epicurean and extraordinary hostess, this client wanted to indulge herself and have the kitchen of her dreams.

She wanted to make use a room adjacent to the kitchen which was not used in winter, and which she found to be obsolete. She wanted to be able to entertain eight people seated at a counter in a friendly atmosphere, and to discuss with them while she was working in the kitchen. She insisted that there be an alcohol bar, three sinks and a huge pantry. This client also wanted to cook and watch her cooking shows when she was by herself. For her, a cellar and high-end appliances were a must.

With our experience, we were able to give her an honest picture of her expectations, taking into account the amount she was willing to invest. We were able to establish a provisional budget, which she could monitor and readjust throughout the project.

Given the magnitude of the work, the client insisted that we be present during the work. We provided her with a clear schedule so that she would be informed of the different steps of the transformation and the construction.

Given the size of the room, we designed a kitchen with a central kitchen island, while enabling fluidity of movement all around. We suggested closing up a window wall, where the view was less interesting, to include a fireplace and appliances. We kept some windows for reuse as backsplashes.

We presented her with two versions complete with illustrations and models. The client fell in love with the second proposal.

We provided the general contractor with construction plans and he oversaw the work. We chose the appliances, in addition to taking care of purchasing the furniture, accessories and window coverings.

The only thing this client had to do was put away her pots and pans and fill her cabinets, before making the guest list for the first meal she prepared in her new kitchen.

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