This new blended family found itself with four children and a house that no longer met their needs. Because they were so attached to this house in the countryside, which has stunning views of downtown in the distance, they decided to redesign the interior so that everyone could finally feel at home.

Their demands were clear: their priorities were a convivial atmosphere, and an open and practical area where they could receive their relatives and friends! They wanted a kitchen island where the whole family could sit to eat. The space, where raw and natural materials would be used, should blend with the natural settings all around the house.

Comfort was their priority. They wanted their family and their friends to feel at home!

In conjunction with an architect and a structural engineer, we redesigned the interior. In order to showcase their cultural heritage, we opted for raw materials, in addition to incorporating elements inspired by water, earth, and fire. In order to meet their desire to live in a contemporary and urban space, we preferred to use straight lines, in addition to adding touches of glass and steel. Well-defined areas were created. Two islands, one for meals and one for drinks with friends, were made to measure.

Using plans, models of materials and 3D color illustrations, these clients were presented with two options. Through our careful listening and experience, we quickly selected their favorite project, while recuperating some details from the second option. This couple was more than satisfied with the final result.

With my team, the foremen and engineers, we assigned the tasks to each and determined the timelines. The clients approved the date set for their arrival in their new home.

We were in charge of overseeing the foreman and to follow-up with various suppliers regarding the deliveries. We were present at all stages of the work; from the demolition up to the installation of the custom curtains.

Because our aim is to be as transparent as possible and to respect our clients’ wishes, these clients were updated on the work every two days.

As expected with meticulous and detailed work, we delivered a perfect and turnkey product.

The only thing our clients and their four children had to do was to put away their belongings and cook their first meal. Family and friends were already invited that evening for a tour!

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