These clients wanted a basement where they could invite friends, play games and relax. They wanted a warm place, with a decor worthy of a great design magazine.

These clients wanted a home theater area with a cabinet which could accommodate a large flat screen. They wanted to be able to sit 4 to 5 people without anyone being cramped on top of each other. They wanted their game table to be integrated with the decor. A bar also needed to be added. Finally, the mahogany columns, which the client had started putting in, needed to be kept.

We agreed on a preliminary budget for the work, the furniture, and the accessories. In order to reduce the costs, we decided that they would do some work themselves.

We created three areas where they could play, watch TV, and have a drink at the bar. The wooden columns were integrated to pretty half walls with glass panels. We used the same wood for the bar, corner seat, and TV cabinet. We repainted the game table. I had a carpet installed in order to improve the acoustics. To decorate the room, we added a 3-sided fireplace and a wall fountain behind the bar.

We presented two plans and two different colour schemes to the client. We chose the best version together, then we discussed some ideas. The final version was then developed. Subsequently, we made the plans and the work models.

We developed a production schedule and a job description with the clients so that each person would know what he or she had to do.

Within the scope of this package, we were responsible for the project. We supervised the execution and completion of the work. Furniture was also custom made. We advised clients on the work progress. We were responsible for the purchase of the fixtures and the accessories.

With our help, these clients finally had the basement of their dreams. They were quite happy with it, especially since they had themselves contributed to the work!

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