The Golden Key: Pleasure in its Purest Form

You know what you want, but you have neither the time nor the energy for this kind of project? You want someone to take charge of everything?

You can breathe easier now. We will take care of everything, with just a little help from you!

We can use magazine clippings, travel photos, or start with an existing family heritage which you want showcased. Let us know what you like and then we will discuss your lifestyle, hobbies and decoration preferences.

We will help you create a realistic budget and clearly identify your priorities. Are modern furniture and exclusive products your style? Or do you prefer antiques and works of art? We have the expertise necessary to make your dream reality.

After first consulting and discussing with you, we will present you with two options that will satisfy both your needs and your desires. Then, taking your comments into account, we will put the final touches to the option you have selected. With our second presentation, we will discuss the furniture and details regarding the plans and the decor. We will work out a clear schedule with you for every step of the project, before it actually begins.

You will get to meet the project manager and each of the workers. You will be able to let them know what you expect. We will monitor the construction and renovation work. We will supervise the various trades and manage the technical challenges and timelines of the project. My team and I will be there from beginning to end.

We will keep you informed of how the work is progressing, at the intervals you have selected. That way, the result will meet your expectations. I am committed to creating the space you are dreaming of.

Case Study – Golden Key