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While at school, Crane became the victim of taunts and jeers due to his appearance that even the other boys in the neighborhood threw rocks at him and called him cruel names. Would you like to see my mask? : With Bramowitz out of the way, Crane was able to take his position as a professor, specializing in psychopharmacology and the psychology of fear. But Chris said there might be another part. Howard Stern, Ewan McGregor, Steve Buscemi, Nicolas Cage, Jeff Goldblum and Christopher Lloyd were considered for the role in Triumphant, where through the use of his fear gas Scarecrow would cause Batman to confront his worst fear: the return of The Joker. After he was given license to experiment on the insane asylum inmates, Crane set up a Fear Aversion therapy program in which his drug was used to frighten his worst fears and those of his patients, which eventually developed his worsened mystique with a sadistic personality disorder. [leaning towards Rachel and holding up his finger as though to correct her]  |


The meeting was interrupted by the Batmen (impostors of Batman who wore armor and wielded firearms). Dr. Jonathan Crane Who? It's okay. After wenting to the Narrows to get the remaining drugs, Crane orders his thugs to torch the whole building to erase all evidences. Scarecrow wore an unbound straitjacket at the climax of Batman Begins due to his incarceration at Arkham Asylum. :

: Carmine Falcone Crane is then driven into madness and is arrested by the GCPD, being secured in an unbound straitjacket at Arkham Asylum, where he is interrogated by Sgt. Blah, blah, blah. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Scarecrow attempted to injure Batman with his scythe, but failed. [3] In DarKnight (not to be confused with The Dark Knight), Dr. Jonathan Crane would use his position as professor of psychology at Gotham University and as resident psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum to conduct his experiments in fear, and during a vengeful confrontation with his colleague Dr. Kirk Langstrom, Crane would unknowingly initiates Kirk's transformation into the creature known as Man-Bat. The Scarecrow

Dr. Jonathan Crane Taste of your own medicine, doctor? I have questions about your report.

: The Scarecrow then became a career criminal, forming his own criminal organization. Nolan really liked Ledger’s audition and kept him in mind, so when he was making the sequel The Dark Knight, Ledger was his first choice to play the Joker and ended up winning a posthumous Oscar for it. Technical Specs, [riding through a riot on a hooded horse], [attempting to comfort a frightened child], [leaning towards Rachel and holding up his finger as though to correct her], [after being called down to Arkham by Rachel.
No, even he can't get me in here. Crane then piped his toxin into Gotham's water supply using one of the city's main tubes that was located underneath Arkham Asylum. Dr. Jonathan Crane Crane!

The walls are closing in. Hartnett’s highest-profile work in recent years has been playing the lead role in Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, for which he received a nomination for a Fangoria Chainsaw Award. Batman leaps in to defend the Cardinal, and using the methane already present in the room, he sparks an explosion that destroys several water pipes, flooding the area and allowing him to escape with the Cardinal. When Falcone was apprehended, Crane visited him after Falcone cut his wrists, and hoped for an insanity plea. After Falcone is arrested, Crane injects him with his toxin and drive him into madness. While testifying in court that Victor Zsasz, one of Falcone's assassins, was legally insane and should be moved to Arkham for rehabilitation, Crane was approached by the Assistant District Attorney Rachel Dawes, who commented on the high number of Falcone's associates that he had at Arkham and implied that he was corrupt in his assessments. He then takes the moniker "The Scarecrow", the favorite taunt of the hated bullies from his adolescence. "The walls are closing in." Batman could drink the same water as anyone else without feeling any effects. When he was still a doctor, Crane used the toxin to experiment on his patients (who were nicknamed Crazies), and was brought into the League Of Shadows for use of his toxin against Gotham. Despite the toxin's frightening effectiveness, Crane was quite defenseless once the gas was bypassed, as witnessed when Batman subdued him with little trouble.

Later hired as the Psychology Professor at the same college, Dr. Crane ensconced in the Psychology Department and developed a habit of annoying his colleagues and generally described his students as "dumber than pond scum". [7] The Scarecrow was voiced by Corey Burton. Murphy also voiced the Scarecrow on the Batman Begins video game. - October 9, 2019 09:36 am EDT.

However, considering just how catastrophic the damage would be should he succeed, these attempt of his are still frightening all the same. His most famous film role was in Saving Private Ryan, but Davies has made a name for himself in other mediums.

... Or the corrupt!
[indicating Rachel]  It was we, the people; not we, the white male citizens; nor yet we, the male citizens; but we, the whole people, who formed the Union.

Halloween Scarecrow/Rot Red Nose Scary Mask Long Nose Zombie Latex Mask. Those involved exposed Crane to severe emotional and physical torment and torture from his grandmother, the worst was brought upon him at age 9, when she locked him up in the family's atrium dressed in a suit that was contaminated with a homemade chemical that was designed to enrage the crows nesting nearby and force them to attack the source. Batman What's "scarecrow"? However, due to Batman & Robin's poor box office performance, neither film came to fruition. Dr. Jonathan Crane Mr. Finch. Murphy explained, "I wanted to avoid the Worzel Gummidge look. His briefcase also possesses a special button that liberates a dose of the fear toxin on his victims. What do you want? No, Scarecrow! Crane Thug #1 : Crane then reached his office just as the police arrives at the asylum.

Real name:

Rachel Dawes Crane then takes her to the basement and innoculates her with his fear toxin. About what? : Recently in the comics, however, he has displayed the ability to literally frighten people to death without relying in his fear gas, suggesting a great ability to dominate the human psyche using fear as a weapon. However, Batman shows up and confronts Crane, who frees some of Arkham's lunatics to kill him, but Batman defeats then and Crane runs away through a corridor. Crane was thus called before a university staff meeting, where he explained his conclusions as valid because his insight was so much deeper than that of others and chose not to waste it doing dreary and horrible chores to constitute proof. She is observing Falcone, who is muttering "scarecrow" over and over].

Blah, blah, blah. Dr. Jonathan Crane was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum who conducted experiments on inmates and used an identity known as The Scarecrow. During his time hiding in the sewers of Gotham, the Scarecrow was seen with a different look; he retains the sack-like mask, but it's torn, leaving his mouth and lower face visible. I heard he can disappear. Ra's Al Ghul is dead. Arkham Thug #1

Rachel Dawes

Dr. Jonathan Crane Answer Save.

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