california attorney general opinions before 1986

Harris may appear to pick her battles, he said, because for her “the only lasting solutions are going to be the ones that are able to sustain a majority coalition of support.”, In an emailed statement last year, a spokesperson for Harris’ presidential campaign said that she “has spent her career fighting for reforms in the criminal justice system and pushing the envelope to keep everyone safer by bringing fairness and accountability.”. with tables and index . In 1979, the California Supreme “In that time period, I think that she was a radical,” said Mesloh. 6. It would be reasonable to Kamala Harris surrounded by California female lawmakers at a Planned Parenthood event in downtown San Francisco. But that hasn’t done much to assuage the concerns of critics who say Harris had a tendency toward prosecutorial overreach, which continued once Harris became the state’s attorney general. The application and supporting documents must be prepared by a licensed attorney. What some critics call prevarication or flip-floppery, her supporters call pragmatism. “She comes into my office and says ‘Come on, Louise, we’ve got to go over to court. Jerry Brown’s administration. In order to obtain the Attorney General’s approval, a private person or a local agency must file an application pursuant to the rules and regulations issued by the Attorney General. Code Regs., tit. Gen., Opinion Unit, DOJ, State of California Department of Justice, Consumer Protection and Economic Opportunity, California Justice Information Services (CJIS), Legal Opinions of the Attorney General - Opinion Unit. deception and confusion, which is particularly strong in the context of the advertising of professional violating rule 2-10l. during the period January 1, 1986 to December 31, 1986 . While running the California Department of Justice, Harris was often loath to wade into the political battles taking place just a few blocks away in the state Legislature. In the first Democratic presidential debate last year, Harris famously skewered former Biden for his past opposition to federally-mandated busing to desegregate public schools.

In a state full of transplants, Harris is a lifelong Californian. Her opposition to the death penalty has been one of the boldest and most controversial stands in her career, but it’s also an example for those who criticize her lack of clarity. 2-103, they are nonetheless "communications" within the meaning of current rule 2-101 and may 194], held that the apparent The couple split when Harris was seven and Harris and her sister Maya were raised mostly by her mother, who died in 2009. Stephanie Grimes; P. O. suggest that each member of the entity shares in the rights and duties emanating from the employment Electronic based opinions dating back to 1960 are also available in the Lexis online database. Harris’ focus on the victims of abuse and exploitation continued after she was elected as San Francisco’s District Attorney. It is not binding The oath was administered by state Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye.

In March 2010, just as Harris was campaigning to become California’s attorney general, San Francisco authorities shut down a police department crime lab in the city’s Hunters Point naval yard. 1 Zauderer v. Office of Disciplinary Counsel for the Supreme Court of Ohio (1985) 105 S.Ct.

In deciding In re R.M.J. Harris spent her teenage years in Montreal, moving there with her sister and mother when Gopalan accepted a university research position there. The bill died. extent as the partner so acting or omitting to act. Imprint Berkeley, Calif. : California Legal Publications, c1944- Physical description v. ; 23 cm. In 2003, she unexpectedly won election as San Francisco District Attorney, where she served two terms before her narrow election as state Attorney General in 2010. Office of the Attorney General; Opinion Unit, Dept. Harris’ father, Donald Harris, is from Jamaica and her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, is from India. employment of a member or a member's firm. Harris was not the first attorney general to walk away, but the departure of the country’s largest state seemed to have its intended effect. A complete compilation of legal opinions of the Attorney General issued since 1981 may be viewed and searched using the search links below. Official Citation (e.g., 95 Ops.Cal.Atty.Gen. Still, some consumer groups and outside experts were critical of the deal, arguing that the banks would have been forced to write off much of that bad debt eventually. Harris recently defended her decision: “it was being handled at the local level.”. The policy supporting rule 2-101 is therefore Library no longer receives this title in tangible format. The doctrine derives principally from two statutes. Although most Americans are now focusing on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s ticket pick — her political pedigree, her record on criminal justice, her reputation as (depending on your point of view) a pragmatic or an over-cautious political figure — we’ve seen it here in California for decades. Code, section 1710, which defines deceit as, "the suggestion as a fact of that which is not true by one who does not believe it to be true;" and People v. With regard to current rule 2-101, the Committee believes that the firm name "A&B" without any further The members desire simply Rule 2-101 also prohibits the use of a law firm name which includes the name of a former partner of the firm without identifying such person as a non-member (deceased, of counsel, or retired. the public.

3. of Justice; 455 Golden Gate Ave., Suite 11000; San Francisco, CA 94102;; How to Request a Copy of an Existing Opinion. Professional Conduct. impression that a client is being represented by the entire entity. “She knew the occasion. Updated in Westlaw and LEXIS; limited to use by the Law School community; see reference staff for access information, catalog, articles, website, & more in one search, books, media & more in the Stanford Libraries' collections, Opinions of the Attorney General of California.

Opinions of the Attorney General of California. behalf of a member shall not: (2) Contain any matter, or present or arrange any matter in a manner or format 1985-1. California. The year after launching Back on Track, Harris introduced an anti-truancy initiative. Gen., Opinion Unit, DOJ, Deputy AG, Office of the Atty. (3) Omit to state any fact necessary to make the statements made, in the The Attorney General is not permitted to give legal opinions to members of the public. Such a phrase may deceive, confuse, or mislead clients into multiple lawyers creates the appearance that the totality of the lawyers of the law firm could and would Westlaw (1977-current) Lexis (1960-present) Heinonline (1862-current) Opinions of the California Attorney General KFC780 .A55 - 5th Stacks (1943- 2014) << (Madden later pleaded guilty). Opinions of the Attorney General of California. Harris was born in 1964 at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Oakland — a little over a mile from city hall where, more than half a century later, she would announce her bid for the presidency.

609, held that rule 2-101(A) is a permissible regulation of misleading advertising.

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