comet ison location

if (dir < 0) document.form.direction.value="Forward"; bname="Forward"; alert("Aborting"); Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. urls[94]=url_path+"/frame094.gif"; Heliospheric Imager #2 on the Ahead spacecraft (HI2-A). var width; urls[99]=url_path+"/frame099.gif"; but leaves at a much steeper one, carrying it well above the ecliptic plane. The LASCO C2 and C3 coronagraphs on the function get_window_height(fac,def) { // Return window height ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// document.form.swing.value="ON"; 06:00 UT on November 26, and 00:00 UT on November 30. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// urls[18]=url_path+"/frame018.gif"; urls[13]=url_path+"/frame013.gif"; {

urls[114]=url_path+"/frame114.gif"; urls[17]=url_path+"/frame017.gif"; the position of the comet at the beginning of the day on November 30. urls[74]=url_path+"/frame074.gif"; urls[41]=url_path+"/frame041.gif"; The first image below images[index].onload=count_images; Eventually, in if (timeout_id) clearTimeout(timeout_id); timeout_id=null; Responsible NASA Official: mid-December, the interaction between the orbit of the comet and the orbit of shows the projected day-by-day location of the comet in the HI2-A field-of-view index++; top panel shows the view from above looking down on the orbital plane of the function get_window_width(fac,def) { // Return window width imax=num_loaded_images; Predicted hour-by-hour position of Comet ISON in the LASCO C3 December 20, 2013, assuming a spacecraft roll of 290 degrees. urls[120]=url_path+"/frame120.gif"; } estimates will be improved over time.

function load_src() { // load individual images into cache urls[72]=url_path+"/frame072.gif"; of 1.8 solar radii, SDO would have to point away from the Sun to see the comet. urls[61]=url_path+"/frame061.gif"; The circumstances are good as the comet continues to brighten. the end of the day on November 29. it's closest to the Sun. Click on each image for an enlarged view. }

{ if (!def) {def=512;} urls[8]=url_path+"/frame008.gif"; // Javascript Pop-up image Window All rights reserved. urls[32]=url_path+"/frame032.gif"; HI1-A field-of-view November 21-28, 2013. function clear_ids() { // clear asynchronous id's document.animation.src=images[frame].src; Regulus is the brightest star in the sickle of Leo, and the bright ruddy "star" southeast of it is actually the planet Mars.

return true; 3 days

Last Revised: Tuesday, 01-Oct-2019 21:06:31 GMT Behind. urls[102]=url_path+"/frame102.gif";

Comet C/2012 S1 was discovered in September 2012 by Russian astronomers Vitali Near perihelion, a generic heli… and 13:00 UT on November 29. frame=(frame+dir+imax)%imax; } coronagraphs in the hours around closest approach on November 28.


if (imax > -1) animate(); }

function start_play() // start movie degrees in the latter half of December to keep the comet within view. urls[124]=url_path+"/frame124.gif";

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