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Congressional Black Caucus and EPA on Environmental Justice issues, and served Both are Republicans.

Minority communities facing increased challenges with respiratory illness, asthma, and senior citizens facing respiratory illness are impacted the most. ‘Indian Matchmaking’ star Rupam Kaur: Sometimes one…, Astrology and Vastu tips to enhance positivity…, Indian American professor develops low-cost portable ventilator…, This COVID life of frontline Atlanta physician…, Small businesses hit by coronavirus can lower…, Is coronavirus the great equalizer, or does…, Sanjay Dutt returns to work, says he will beat cancer soon, India’s first Oscar winner Bhanu Athaiya dies at 91, Autopsy ongoing to determine if body found in lake is missing UGA grad, Jain Center of Southern California honors Padma Bhushan 2020 awardee Dr. Jagdish Sheth, Texas high school student completes Hindi internship offered by US State Department, Miley Cyrus poses nude for Indian American fashion photographer, NCB summons Arjun Rampal; Nadiadwala records statement following wife’s arrest, Q&A with Dr Rich McCormick, Republican candidate for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District, High school student launches first inaugural World Bindi Day, Telangana man held for cyber blackmailing US-based minor, Q&A: Karen Handel, candidate for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, Indian American couple announces $1 million pledge to Feeding America, Dupatta saree: Tradition with a pallu twist, Top trending Diwali outfits for women in 2019, 5 common mistakes to avoid while wearing Indian outfits, Ruffle saree: Because dramatic is the new cool, Nita Ambani’s multi-million dollar 240-diamond encrusted bag goes viral, Flower power: Celebrating nature on fabric, VFS Global begins processing of passport, OCI applications in Atlanta and 5 other US cities, Biden leads Trump by over 1,000 votes in deep red Georgia, Business school renamed after Atlanta’s Dr. Jag Sheth, Her Tool Box: Walton High senior releases first book, Indian grocery store owner stabbed to death in Georgia, Raksha spotlights Veena Rao’s novel ‘Purple Lotus’; author Kiran Bhat co-moderates, Atlanta’s Aabaha pushes artistic boundaries with worldwide digital theater festival, Accenture appoints Bhaskar Ghosh as Chief Strategy Officer, Twitter hires Rinki Sethi as new information security head, Karthik Narain to lead $3 billion ‘Accenture Cloud First’ group, United Airlines to expand India operations from December, Netflix appoints Bela Bajaria head of global TV, Akash, Isha Ambani in Fortune’s ’40 Under 40′ global list. I’ve built a campaign based upon being sensitive to the differences that we have that make us unique, and also making sure that we place an emphasis on education. To volunteer or take action, please visit, Make sure to vote also on December 1st for, Funny how our GA senators are so upset about our SOS’s “mishandling” of the 2020 election but in 2018 when our SOS, I mean our current governor, oversaw his own election, they were quiet. We have done a poor job, not just as Democrats, not just as republicans but as society in the United States on the emphasis on education. But if we rely on those two alone, we won’t be able to make the type of strides we want to go into the future.

That’s number one. on: function (event, callback) { Daniel is committed to working with our public utilities to ensure Electric Grid Security and Resilience. A voice that will fight for working families and senior citizens.

In 2016, Blackman became the first African American to run How can the Georgia Public Service Commission encourage investment in, and adoption of, clean energy like solar, wind, and other renewable, zero- to low-carbon resources?The first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to treat this treat the state of Georgia and our first hundred days as four regions north, south, east and west. People like me have to make sure people understand what climate change means, as it relates to the emissions, or coal ash seeps into our water like in Juliet Georgia, or when we have high levels of mercury and lead in our waters. Daniel will advocate for lower utility bills and assistance programs for the senior citizens and hard-working families on fixed incomes that need it most. Daniel will work to create a connected Georgia bringing wireless and high-speed internet to cities, rural, mountain, and coastal regions to ensure that all Georgians, regardless of their zip code, have efficient and reliable internet connectivity. the global impact of the climate crisis ahead of the Paris Climate

When we begin to see things begin to be automated at higher levels, we’re going to have to rethink energy, not just the way we generate energy, but the way our energy impacts our daily work, our lives, our commuting, and our ability to be able to be productive at home. We have over invested into fossil fuels and under investing into clean technology. } Also in this series we profile Daniel Blackman, Democratic candidate for District 4 on Georgia’s Public Service Commission. A runoff election was scheduled for December 1, 2020. #DanielForGeorgia. We have to begin to train a workforce and develop a workforce, specifically in high school and middle school that can then translate into jobs, once they leave whether they want to go into technical jobs, or they want to pursue a college degree, that can then translate into cleaner into jobs that will build the workforce, we need to build out and not be indebted to projects like plant Vogtle will be paying for the next 60 years.

But we must begin to drive the investments of private companies and investments from around the country. event : event, THERE IS ANOTHER RUNOFF ELECTION DECEMBER 1ST! So, I’m sat down with the parents and the families and I understand the importance of education in our communities and that’s why I adjusted my platform. So what we need to do is my background for example, and working with Goldman Sachs, for example, which has committed over $500 billion over a 10 year period to combat climate change and to invest into clean energy technology. Plant Vogtle is one of the fiscally most irresponsible decisions in the history of the state of Georgia. So, my perspective on what we have been able to accomplish as a candidate is to make sure that we’re placing a heavy emphasis on education. (proposed by Blackman’s grandfather at the UN). When you talk about streaming services teleworking, telecommuting, telemedicine, we have to have the infrastructure in place to support that. I believe that we have to look at the entirety of our state, we have to look at the future of our children collectively, and we have to have individuals get elected to make sure that they’re driving the conversation, representing people’s voices that are not being heard and that dropping investments for small businesses, our communities, the diversity of what makes us strong.

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