discharge measurement methods

Next the spacing of the verticals is determined to provide about 25 to 30 It is a curve which tells us the relation between the discharge and the depth of water. The method of making discharge measurements at a cross section requires determination of the mean velocity in each of the selected verticals. Methods of measuring discharge for canals are more or less the same as those adopted for streams. during periods of rapidly changing stage. Somers, available at, Discharge Measurements at Gaging Stations, Current-Meter Measurements From Cableways, Current-Meter Measurements From Ice Cover, Current-Meter Measurements From Stationary Boats, Discharge Measurement of Deep, Swift Streams With a Mechanical Current Meter, Mean Gage Height of Discharge Measurements, Discharge Measurements During Rapidly Changing Stage, Correction of Discharge for Storage During Measurement, Accuracy of Current-Meter Discharge Measurements.

USGS Water Science School: How Streamflow is Measured, Discharge Measurements at Gaging Stations. The ratings are entered into database software used for records computation, and continuous records of discharge are computed. gcse.type = 'text/javascript'; As water flows past the current meter, a wheel of metal cups revolves around a vertical axis and transmits an electronic signal on each revolution, allowing the revolutions to be counted and timed. var cx = 'partner-pub-9217740637862097:1266799773'; reduced in section, either by raising the bottom of the channel or by decreasing the width of the channel or by both ways. The index velocity method can be used at locations where stage-discharge methods are used, but it is especially appropriate when more than one specific discharge can be measured for a specific stage.
The rate at which the cups revolve is translated into water velocity. Some gages, however, only record the water level (gage height or stage) of a stream, lake or reservoir; no streamflow (discharge) is computed. ) or https:// means you’ve safely connected to the .gov website. The purpose of this report is to document and describe techniques for computing discharge records using the index velocity method. Either the upstream or downstream side of the bridge can be used for making browser may not display or print as intended. Time measurement was started using military time (24-hr clock system). After such a curve has been drawn, it is very easy to find out discharge simply by reading the gauge and finding out the corresponding discharge from such a curve. After recording on When a Price type AA (or type A) current meter is used, the two-point method to the direction of flow while the velocity is being observed. Discharge has to be measured for canals also. Secondly, flow data can be obtained from US Geological Service or the State Emergency Management Office, if your site is near a … Turnipseed, USGS). (function() { This site uses Akismet to … Analysis of Data for Selection of Measurement Volume, Appendix 4. cannot be applied unless depths are greater than 2.5 ft (0.76 m). This depth gives the nearest velocity to the mean velocity (see table 1 below, Rating curves are developed from numerous physical stream discharge measurements collected over a period of time and over a range of stages (from low flow to flood stage). Cross Sectional Area and Bed Slope: By this method the discharge is calculated from Manning’s formula, Where A = the area of cross section of the stream measured from H.F.L . A stage-discharge rating curve depicts the relation between stream stage and stream discharge at a location along a stream, generally at a streamgage. This method is an indirect method of computing discharge of the river. aquatic growth. VELOCITY-AREA DISCHARGE MEASUREMENT INTRODUCTION The objective of this exercise is to familiarize you with the process of conducting a measurement of stream discharge (stream gaging) using the velocity-area method. (Credit: J.P. Nielsen and J.M. The following formulae may be used for different types of weirs. A typical stage discharge or station rating curve is shown in Fig. The accuracy of the measurements generally is ±0.01 foot or 0.2 percent of the effective stage.

The choice of method depends on the characteristics of the stream and on the application. downstream from the tag line and at least 1.5 ft (0.46 m) from the wading rod.

A lock ( For much of the discussion of acoustic Doppler current profiler moving-boat methodology, the reader is referred to U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods 3–A22 (Mueller and Wagner, 2009). This mapper identifies USGS Federal Priority Streamgages (FPS). The streambed at the upstream side of the bridge is not likely to be scoured

The first step in making a conventional current-meter measurement of are usually superior. The hydrographer moves to each of the observation verticals and repeats the

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