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I get off on jumping out of the airplane.

The insight remained with me, that this was really bad.

He goes, it’s easy. GARY ROSS:  Oh, I think in a lot of ways. All rights reserved. STEPHEN GALLOWAY:  Were you a good actor? And how the established studio editors were loath to cut as fast as he wanted. You’re just in kind of a bit of denial. I need to be able to bring that spontaneity to it and not cling to the previous step. I’d rather feel the broken heart than to feel the cynicism. And we would walk the shot through. He died at the age of 24.. Sign up for all the latest news, top galleries and trending videos from Mid-day.com. It’s hard to be a screenwriter because everybody can spell and read, so everybody thinks they can write.

It’s really interesting:  there’s someone who suddenly gets to go to the ball and there’s another person who fells the giant, as kind of a weird little Joseph Campbell paradigm, I thought it was sort of interesting. At that point I thought I didn’t really know what the difference is, because it’s not like any publisher, Simon and Schuster is going to say, you know, we love the novel but where’s the diploma?

That not cutting, not driving pace, not being relentless about pushing the movie forward and letting you just sit in it is what makes this scene kind of magical and work. Right? And so it’s harder when you’re the director and the writer to depart from what the original intentions of the script were in order to find the happy surprise or to breathe life into the movie and allow it to flourish in the way that it needs to because each phase of the process needs to have its own spontaneity.

STEPHEN GALLOWAY:  You notice this is being filmed and the moment the cameras stop, he’ll tell you the truth.

Not just to get the job but also so that it would be very clear that if I did get the job, the way I saw the movie and what I wanted to do. You might come in and read for me, and you’re so nervous on the first time through, that we don’t know how good you are yet.

I saw the disappointment and the difficulty of trying to be an artist in a world that commands commerce, and also doesn’t respect writers that much.


GARY ROSS:  They weren’t.

And Dave, which is not the greatest premise for a movie, or a very difficult one, it could be awful, that a guy who looks like the president, and he’s a look-alike stepping in for the president… it could just be terrible if it doesn’t feel real or having a reason, or an emotional underpinning or all of that. It was through the death of Rue, through this character that she was able to get in touch with those things that ultimately made her stronger and not weaker.

Sydney Pollack gave me the best advice about being a director.

STUDENT – CHELSEA:  Seabiscuit was one of my favorite films. Now it would just be digital set extensions. He wins by half a racetrack. We passed those out like football playbooks to every single jockey.

There’s a surprise in there.

Then we started talking about a Secretariat’s Belmont (Stakes). I’m looking for the truth first of all. GARY ROSS:  I’m so glad you picked that scene. I’ve certainly been compared to him a fair amount.

So it’s complicated. And I just felt enormous pressure, and then Anne and I, although great friends, had decided to write on our own. The actors bring something to the party.

I’m not saying that it’s not effective for him. Soderbergh and I have exchanged professional favors for one another for a very, very long time.

Ms. Lawrence will play that role, which Jo Van Fleet played in the Kazan movie and for which she won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar. STEPHEN GALLOWAY:  Do you find shooting exhausting?

And obviously we’re looking at everyone in that age range at that point.

Jennifer Lawrence is nothing if not loyal. You need to burn the writer down to direct well. Don’t worry about it, it’s fine. [LAUGHTER]. It’s a very tonally difficult, sensitive thing to approach. I love the give and take with actors.

You need to inhabit it, be in the moment, be brave, be brave for the cast, be brave for the crew and embrace it. STEPHEN GALLOWAY:  It’s such a lovely scene, isn’t it? But staging the horse races and doing so and figuring the choreography was very difficult. I saw Jennifer and my head snapped.

STEPHEN GALLOWAY:  Right, are you afraid of that? You need to be brave and take the chances you take, embrace the things you embrace and feel the movie and if you’ve written it, you at least have that advantage also, of knowing what its intentions were. Just a little thing.

GARY ROSS:  It was. So I always work with every actor to try to see how malleable they are, how much they can adjust, how much they can own a choice, can they take the part in a variety of different directions, how truthful would or committed are they to a choice? It’s really remarkable. The movie, based on John Steinbeck’s book by the same name, is being considered for a split into two feature-length films according to writer-director Gary Ross. I take a tremendous amount of pride in the franchise and I’m really happy for them.

GARY ROSS:  Oh, no, no, no. STEPHEN GALLOWAY:  Not quite penniless, because I think, actually Gary, you were talking about this, you went on a game show. Writer-director Gary Ross ("Pleasantville," "The Hunger Games") told The Hollywood Reporter that he'll likely split the movie into two parts -- a fitting move given that John Steinbeck's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel is a hefty 602 pages.

I don’t think you can learn from a better person than Gary Ross. She was very blunt. Why?

GARY ROSS:  Yeah, it’s referential to a certain kind of movie of that era, on purpose. He’s helping her cover-up who she is and my mother had covered-up who she was for so long.

And it was the first time I’d ever said it out loud--that I had renounced one identity for another.

GARY ROSS:  What do I look for when I’m casting? She could be rough, man. GARY ROSS:  No question.

Jane Seymour's take on Cathy in a television mini-series bagged her a Golden Globe in 1982.

While Jennifer Lawrence has always been attached to this project, there’s no information about who will play the men whose brotherhood is torn asunder by her character. It’s almost as if each time he’s felt safe with one genre, he’s challenged himself with another.

I grew up hearing the clacking of keys — ’cause then it was a typewriter of course—in his little studio above the garage.

), “It’s one of the things that is sort of on my plate, [that] I’m interested in doing,” he said. GARY ROSS:  I’ve had doubts on one part in particular where the first few days were difficult.

In fact there was a huge outcry when we cast Jennifer because everybody thought that Katniss should be 15 years old and things like that.

STEPHEN GALLOWAY:  Hello, I’m Stephen Galloway and welcome to The Hollywood Masters  filmed on the campus of Loyola Marymount University. Brings the house down, stops it for five minutes.

She would yell at us. 'There are powerful industry bigwigs giving me silent support', Another ad of the jewellery brand withdrawn after outrage; Here's why, Mumbai Crime: Police bust party in Nerul, 203 men found smoking hookah, Is this Disha Parmar's response to Rahul Vaidya's proposal, Neha Sharma's sizzling workout video goes viral, Sanya Malhotra talks about Ludo, her Diwali celebration and more, Mumbai: BJP seeks probe into Maharashtra CM's family, Naik clan's land deals, BJP's Bihar performance barometer for 2022 Goa polls: CM Pramod Sawant, Arnab Goswami files anticipatory bail in FIR filed for assaulting woman cop, Criminal with Rs 6 lakh reward arrested from girlfriend's house. But I had a novel in me and decided that’s what I wanted to do.

And I think that being able to sit in a scene like that, it’s what you go to the movies for. I remember, you know when you write reshoots or you do that kind of a job for somebody, you’re looking at the film in your computer again and again. That there is an investigation and a dance that goes on as you sort of dig deeper and look at the different layers — potentially — that are under a performance.

She’s Jennifer Lawrence. The guy comes back stage and he goes, what is it?

So I was able to help her and she became a speech pathologist. GARY ROSS:  Cool.

GARY ROSS:  Yeah, absolutely, he came to the premiere. GARY ROSS:  OK, that’s interesting.

What do junior high school kids do? STEPHEN GALLOWAY:  Let’s actually take a look at Seabiscuit. STEPHEN GALLOWAY:  Let’s take a look at a clip from Pleasantville. So, I think that the only way to every direct anything is to trust your gut and your own sense of the material. So we got a second mortgage, and I threw the first draft away and I wrote it again from scratch. But he also said that there’s more satisfying kind of plot in which the paradigm established at the outset, a conflict that’s organic in the piece, blooms into an unforeseen question in the center. Let’s get into the particulars! Lawrence also set to appear in adaptation of Hannah Kent's Burial Rites, Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile.

She said to me, you know, you really screwed this up.

And I think that there was also a classicism in the storytelling that we were aspiring to, which could be any variety of movies.

GARY ROSS:  He wrote Moneyball and The Blind Side. I’ll try not to get emotional telling this story. STEPHEN GALLOWAY:  When have you been most afraid?

Everybody would pretend to be on horseback. Cardi B poses as goddess Durga in her latest picture, Indians outrage! Mike De Luca, to his credit, who is now fortunately the president of production at Sony again, who is just the most amazing executive, loved it, backed it, and Mary Parent just threw in completely and [they] were so supportive of me to make what was a pretty complicated art film. GARY ROSS:  Yes. And I really hope you do. But then I wasn’t really sure what to do in any kind of a real sense.

It was my upbringing. I’ll tell you why Jennifer is so great.

The youngest in history was Justin Henry ("Kramer vs. Kramer"), nominated in 1979 when he was just 8 years old.

I was very conscious of the fact that this always had to feel real.

That was the perfect structure. So that’s how I ended up getting the rights. I also don’t think I’m invested in perpetuating something. We shot in Keenelandin Kentucky, Saratoga, L.A.

So it’s, and I often think composers face similar difficulties at times. GARY ROSS:  Yes, she was a friend of my parents. Then, once I was on nitrous oxide I was like, oh God this sucks. And the film makes you think about violence without ever basking in violence.

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