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Correcting Comma Splices and Fused Sentences .

Reading through a fused sentence is nearly the same, due to how these sentences do not consist of a punctuation between two relative or contrasting thoughts to serve as your breather. operc, the fused first pair of mesosomatic appendages forming the genital operculum. Collembola (Spring-tails): with six abdominal segments; appendages of the first forming an adherent ventral tube, those of the third a minute " catch," those of the fourth (fused basally) a " spring.". The sentence below is another example of a fused sentence. Monoclinic sulphur, obtained by crystallizing fused sulphur, melts at I 19.5°, and admits of undercooling even to ordinary temperatures, but contact with a fragment of the rhombic modification spontaneously brings about the transformation. - Definition & Examples, What is the Object of a Sentence?

Columbium compounds are usually prepared by fusing columbite with an excess of acid potassium sulphate, boiling out the fused mass with much water, and removing tin and tungsten from the residue by digestion with ammonium sulphide, any iron present being simultaneously converted into ferrous sulphide. You may also see Parallel Sentences.

it is a clause. Fused Sentence: It was raining outside the dogs slept indoors to stay dry. sentence. Most commonly the spicule-forming cells pass out of the ectoderm and are imbedded in the mesogloea, where they may remain separate from one another or may be fused together to form a strong mass.

Finally, we could add a conjunctive adverb, such as therefore, however, moreover, etc. The fused mass separates into two layers, the upper of which contains a mixture of potassium and lithium sulphates; this is lixiviated with water and converted into the mixed chlorides by adding barium chloride, the solution evaporated and the lithium chloride extracted by a mixture of dry alcohol and ether. The fused mass has a dark olive-green colour, and dissolves in a small quantity of cold water to a green solution, which is, however, only stable in the presence of an excess of alkali.

the sentence: the dependent clause is not Frontal bones distinct from parietals; palatines fused with maxillaries. appropriate conjunctive adverb, and comma. For all the misery of the uphill climb, this downhill dash was fused in his memory forever, and in one brief moment he knew this Colorado country was where he belonged. His plan was to record the various traditions about an event, choosing them with critical skill; sometimes, however, he fused the several traditions into a continuous narrative. Usually, a few quick additions of proper punctuation can fix them. The solidified chloride is then broken up, the shots and fused masses of magnesium are picked out, run together in a plumbago crucible without flux, and poured into a suitable mould. These are washed with ammonium chloride until the filtrate is colourless, ignited, fused with caustic potash and nitre, the melt dissolved in water and nitric acid added to the solution until the colour of potassium ruthenate disappears. Punctuation

However, it is also important to know these three kinds of sentences so Remember: 

A peculiar modification of this type of scolex occurs in the Echinobothridae, in which the axial part of the organ (the rostellum) is elongated and provided with several rows of hooks, whilst the phyllidia have partially fused. Sometimes a suture is fused too early, however, preventing a growing child's brain from expanding. This You may also see Preposition Sentences. Notice how we took out the independent clauses and transformed them into two complete sentences. Laura owns a catering business in New Jersey she’s an expert in cooking for special events such as weddings, birthdays, reunions, and holiday parties. make this error by joining two independent clauses into a compound sentence without section discusses two major errors ", In the line, "You can only be young once you can be immature always," an easy fix would be to insert a comma and a but, as in: "You can only be young once, but you can be immature always.". We  can repair it by adding the necessary punctuation. 6. A contrast of the segregated percept minus the fused percept showed parietal and occipital activation on the bank of the right intraparietal sulcus. It is infusible at temperatures up to 2000° C., but can be fused in the electric arc. Enrolling in a course lets you earn progress by passing quizzes and exams. Sacral vertebrae are the bones of the spine in this region, which are fused together to form a bone called the sacrum. The isolation of the metals sodium and potassium by Sir Humphry Davy in 1807 by the electrolysis of the fused hydroxides was one of the earliest applications of the electric current to the extraction of metals. Well OK, there are two ways you can do that. clauses by itself; thus, using it causes the clauses to be spliced The more generalized Hymenoptera have the second maxillae but slightly modified, their inner lobes being fused to form a ligula (fig. another kind of sentence: the compound just create an account. Not following punctuation rules can also result you in writing a run-on sentence. The reduced aluminium alloys itself immediately with the fused globules of metal in its midst, and as the charge becomes reduced the globules of alloy unite until, in the end, they are run out of the tap-hole after the current has been diverted to another furnace. A fused sentence is a type of run-on sentence. The greater part of the under-jaw is formed by the right and left dentaries, which in all recent birds are fused together in front. Here It is rapidly oxidized on heating to a temperature of 500°-600° C., and also when fused with nitre or potassium chlorate. In these batrachians the pectoral arch falls into two distinct types - the arciferous, in which the precoracoid (+clavicle) and coracoid are widely separated from each other distally and connected by an arched cartilage (the epicoracoid), the right usually overlapping the left; and the firmi- sternal, in which both precoracoid and coracoid nearly abut on the median line, and are only narrowly separated by the more or less fused epicoracoids. Genera with small metasomatic carapace, consisting of three to six fused segments distinctly marked though not separated by soft membrane, are Harpes, Paradoxides and Triarthrus (fig. of the Gulf of Finland, in the region of the Livs and Kurs, where they fused to some extent with the Lithuanians and the Letts. 10. Place a semicolon between the two clauses. For every lap, you need to take deep breaths before you set off to make sure you have enough air to survive the course. All rights reserved. But combining the two independent clauses to form a single sentence is a writing technique that most writers do to create interesting narratives. The ratios of the coagulative powers can thus be calculated to be i: x: x 2, and putting x =32 we get I: 32: 1024, a satisfactory agreement with the numbers observed.4 The question of the application of the dissociation theory to the case of fused salts remains. No While this may not always be applicable for correcting fused sentences, but using a conjunctive adverb (also, anyway, besides, thus, furthermore, incidentally, otherwise, moreover) or a transitional expression (after all, by the way, in other words, for example, on the other hand) after a semicolon and in between two main clauses is still an open option for you. Another way to correct the sentence boundary error is to insert a semicolon between the two closely related independent clauses. separate the dependent clause from the independent clause. And though passages of the first class must no doubt be explained figuratively - for Philo would not assert the existence of two Divine agents - it remains true that the two conceptions cannot be fused. it is better to use a compound sentence than a simple sentence. Another good option is to use a comma and a coordinating conjunction (joining words: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) to connect the main clauses together.

comma is not a strong enough punctuation mark to separate the two independent might want to print these rules and diagrams into a notebook for future New questions in English. Yet tons of caustic soda are fused daily in chemical works in iron pots without thereby suffering contamination, which seems to show that (clean) iron, like gold and silver, is attacked only by the joint action of fused alkali and air, the influence of the latter being of course minimized in large-scale operations. Two The former is completely decomposed when fused with caustic potash and the latter by a prolonged boiling with nitric acid. The mesothorax and metathorax are rather intimately fused together. They The example I gave in my article on comma splices works just as well as an example of a fused sentence, since the only difference between comma splices and fused sentences is that even the … The vertebrae are stereospondylous, the centrum or body and the arch being com pletely fused into one mass, leaving not even a neuro-central suture. Chem., 1905, 45, p. 35 2); by electrolysis in a bath of fused fluorspar containing a steel cathode and an anode composed of carbon and vanadium pentoxide (M. This will allow RHI to supply the complete range of fused cast refractories, especially to the container and special glass industries. example B, the dependent clause must Now that we have fully discussed what fused sentences are and how to correct them, we hope you have learned a … tempting Greek dishes are fused with exotic Middle Eastern recipes. credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities. The top display is almost fused with the lower half, the latter of which replaces a regular keypad. independent Five metal compounds, superheated and then fused into one single alloy, are used to create the C-5 frame material. Sometimes The fused cardines form a broad basal plate (sub-mentum) and the stipites a smaller plate (mentum) - see fig.

The amorphous metal also results when the chloride is heated with sodium; the oxide reduced with magnesium; or when fused potassium zircono fluoride is electrolysed (Wedekind, Zeit.

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