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Eventually, Horatio managed to track down the dealer, who confessed that three out of the five bags were just herb, and Marisol was released.

Okay I'm climbing off soap box now.

He had been like a zombie since Yelina left. In fact, one of the reasons for Horatio's nearly on-the-spot selection of Officer Ryan Wolfe as Tim Speedle's replacement (in episode 303, "Under the Influence") is Wolfe's compulsive care of his firearm due to OCD.

Memmo states to him that killing his wife was not personal, but Horatio responds that it was to him. Cruz then kidnaps a court stenographer and forces Horatio to bring him $1 million in exchange for her location. David Caruso, as Lieutenant Horatio Caine, was afforded the starring credit, while Emily Procter was credited second to him. Sofia Milos (season 3), Khandi Alexander (seasons 1-6), Jonathan Togo (seasons 3-10), Rex Linn (seasons 5-10), Eva LaRue (seasons 5-10), Megalyn Echikunwoke (season 7), Omar Benson Miller (seasons 8-10) were credited consistently in that order. I just saw the epi when they were getting married and at the end you can see a sniper vision clearly marked at Horatio. Please Login or Register. However, the rounds from his gun were replaced with blanks, Horatio leaves without injury and the son is arrested afterward (episode 602, "Cyber-lebrity"). In episode 302 ("Pro Per"), Yelina's house was shot but she and Ray jr were unharmed because previously Horatio had warned of them.

In season 8, it is revealed that this style of sunglasses were originally a gift from Eric Delko in 1997.

Horatio worked undercover as "John Walden" in Pensacola, Florida for some time during the early 1990s. Humphries was killed after accidentally triggering a bomb he was attempting to disarm.

I really liked her & I loved her & Horatio's relationship. Though Horatio shoots down one man and escapes without injury, Delko is critically wounded even as Horatio fires at the fleeing gunmen (episode 514, "No Man's Land").

I too found it weird that they never touched really or never really got too involved with eachother.

Since the beginning of season three, he has been shown carrying a SIG Sauer P229. At the end of Season 2 (episode 223, "MIA/NYC — Nonstop"), Horatio travels to New York City in pursuit of a murder suspect and meets Detective Mac Taylor and his team, inaugurating the first season of CSI: NY.

Rex Linn (seasons 1-4), Sofia Milos (seasons 1-2, 5-7), Eva LaRue (season 4), Rory Cochrane (season 6), Khandi Alexander (seasons 7-8), and Adam Rodriguez (season 8), were among the performers afforded this credit, along with major recurring player Taylor Cole (season 10), and high-calibre guest performers such as Malcolm McDowell (seasons 8, 10). Marisol returns in the season 10 premiere appearing to Horatio when he is agonizing of his wounds. For 2 people wanting to spend their lives together they were pretty standoff-ish. - See if te can answer this CSI - Scena del crimine - Miami trivia question! After Memmo sees his daughter, he leaves with the hostage, who is later found dead. He is very protective of his team, who affectionately call him "H". Cruz approaches Horatio outside the Miami-Dade Crime Lab, and Horatio kills Clavo with a single shot to the chest (episode 515, "Man Down"). But the thing with Yelena was very intense.

Over recent years and presumably due to the fact that he was left gravely injured after being shot, Horatio has become more aggressive than usual when it comes to dealing with suspects and he has been seen on at least two occasions apparently assaulting a suspect in a locked room (the actual assault is only implied as it takes place off camera). Never knew she existed till 1st ep of S3. Both the shooting and the blocking proved fatal to Marisol.

The perpetrator, Walter Resden, harbored a grudge against Horatio, collecting the blood from the stabbing and preserving it for 10 years in order to frame him for the murder of Horatio's girlfriend, Rachel Turner. Memmo (under orders of Antonio Riaz of the Mala Noche) had shot Marisol, then blocked the ambulance, trying to get Horatio to come out, forcing the ambulance to drive over a center median. Now, I believe a person can fall in love at first sight but please.

She thanked Horatio for his help by making him dinner and they began dating (episode 412, "The Score"). Leaving his errand behind, he helps the woman and spends the rest of the episode looking for the people who did this to her, while the mother and the baby are fighting for their life back in the hospital. Gary Sinise, as Detective Mac Taylor, and Melina Kanakaredes as his partner, Detective Stella Bonasera, were introduced during a 2004 episode of CSI: Miami, as were the rest of the CSI: NY cast. In early seasons, Horatio frequently confirms his dedication to the job with the catchphrase "We Never Close", an homage to the Pinkerton Agency. [br][IMG][/IMG][br]Thanks HCrazy ;)[br][br][br]. At the hospital, a doctor states that the car was worse than the bullet.

Horatio was not aware of Kyle's existence for another 16 years. He is later forced to fire Wolfe, as the younger CSI compromised himself during the course of the investigation due to his gambling debts and lack of honesty regarding the situation (episode 522, "Burned"). Further evidence of this can be found in the season 8 episode "Kill Clause", the ending of which implies that Horatio has sanctioned the murder of a corrupt CEO who had his employees murdered for their life insurance.

Horatio responds that he is, and places him under arrest, and waits for backup to arrive. I think I am poised somewhere in the middle of you all. Once when we actually saw her having it(2) when she said she was giving it up. So please don't feel embarrassed. In both these cases the suspect was accused of abuse (one child molestation, the other domestic violence). Clavo Cruz, serving a life sentence for murdering a woman (episode 201, "Blood Brothers," episode 315, "Identity"), escapes custody in a dramatic rocket attack on a courthouse (superficially injuring coroner Alexx Woods). Rabbits are the cutest animals in the world - especially MY Rabbit! Also holding and positions were Adam Rodriguez, during seasons 9 and 10 (he was previously credited directly following Procter), and Eddie Cibrian during season 8. Have a nice day. In the tenth-season premiere, Horatio manages to save Natalia and, with the team, captures Toller.

Well, I am glad to know someone liked it. CSI: Miami hosted an extensive recurring cast throughout its ten seasons, consisting of law enforcement officials, family members, litigators, and fugitives. After Horatio does so, everyone gets back to their feet, except for Jesse Cardoza, who dies from his fall to the floor. Fictional characters on American television series CSI: Miami, Interview – Boti Bliss on CSI: Miami, Ted Bundy, and How Ghosts Fall in Love,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 September 2020, at 06:19.

Horatio kicks Memmo multiple times and holds him at gunpoint. Law & Order: Los Angeles alums Wanda de Jesus and Alana de la Garza, 24s Carlos Bernard, Boston Legal actor Christian Clemenson and Rizzoli & Isles' Ed Begley, Jr. are among the most notable of those listed below. Hi New Video It was like a story.

It is all a set-up, however, and Horatio and Delko are ambushed on the roof of a parking garage. I usually have to get someone to jolt my memory(old age) lol.

When he got out of the elevator, he finds everyone down and Eric barely conscious.

Horatio finds himself targeted by the son of Argento, a crime lord whom he helped put in jail some years earlier. [1] He is the head of the crime lab, under the rank of Lieutenant of the MDPD. He had been like a zombie since Yelina left.

CSI: Miami hosted several crossover episodes during its ten seasons on air.

He is very insistent on gun maintenance, especially since team member Tim Speedle was killed in a shootout after his gun misfired because of his lax maintenance. John Kelly, before moving to Miami.

Horatio finds the killer, and then joins the team on a game of basketball, in honor of Cardoza. He is very concerned about the reputation of his lab, and takes great care to keep them clean, likely because of his experience with his tarnished younger brother, Ray. During CSI: Miami's opening credits, several actors' names morph in and out of equations. In 1995 he was stabbed while investigating a case in which children were locked in closets while their parents were murdered.

Finally, Horatio moved to the crime lab, accepting a promotion to lieutenant, which earned him the animosity of Sergeant Rick Stetler, who was also vying for the position. We see Horatio at Marisol's grave; he tells her the baby is "beautiful, just like you". [2][better source needed], Fictional character on American television series CSI: Miami, Interview with Caruso and cast of CSI:Miami, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Fictional Miami-Dade Police Department detectives, Fictional New York City Police Department detectives, Articles needing additional references from October 2016, All articles needing additional references, Wikipedia articles that are excessively detailed from October 2016, All articles that are excessively detailed, Wikipedia articles with style issues from October 2016, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles using Infobox character with multiple unlabeled fields, All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases, Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from October 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2016, Articles lacking reliable references from October 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Crime Scene Investigator and Palliative Care Nurse, This page was last edited on 11 September 2020, at 21:33. Eric tells him to shoot the windows out for oxygen. Horatio Marisol remembers how happy they were. Well, I cried my eyes out yet again after watching Marisol die for the second time. The following is a list of characters for the CBS television series, CSI: Miami. फैन्पॉप quiz: For how long has Horatio and Marisol been married? In episode 406 ("Under Suspicion"), Rachel Turner, Horatio's girlfriend, is murdered. Eric has a clear shot of him, but Horatio tells him not to shoot him in front of Memmo's daughter.

I agrre DC should've been given an oscar for a job well done through all of that. He is distracted by a pedestrian, who informs him a pregnant woman has been assaulted on the side of the road. This video was such a surprise.

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