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Halfway through filming, Pamela Adlon was in a car accident on her way to the set. Maureen Teefy couldn't make it to the recording session, so Peter Frechette had to sing the whole song himself, which is why Maureen's vocals aren't on the movie's soundtrack. William Clark, who played the uncredited Cycle Salvage Yard owner (, Neither Jim Jacobs, Warren Casey or John Farrar were involved with the songs, instead they were written by Louis St. Louis, who contributed to the first film with the song, Musical revivals including Grease 2 are discussed on.

Motorcycle Heaven was made by buying a bunch of motorcycles from a junkyard and painting them white with mica flakes, then piling them up. Jean Sagal and Liz Sagal were each hired at different auditions. Grease 2 is a 1982 American musical film and sequel to Grease, which is based upon the musical of the same name by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. The Lead Greaser Girl Dancer with the long platinum-blonde hair is Helena Andreyko, and she was also choreographer assistant to director/choreographer Patricia Birch. Signature Living Hotels are open and look forward to welcoming you. Adrian Zmed played Danny Zuko in "Grease" on Broadway.

The filmmakers ultimately decided to include Frenchy in the final cut, though they had limited footage. Johnny, enraged by Stephanie's new romance, threatens to fight the "Cool Rider" if he sees him with her again.

Grease was eventually followed by the unimaginatively named Grease 2, in 1982.

Two of the newer Boy/Girl Greaser dancers had names that were actually spoken in dialogue: Ivy Austin 'Girl Greaser' was called Francine by Tom Villard 'Boy Greaser', Ivy's dance partner. One of the first movie musical sequels since the Broadway Melody series of the 1920s, '30s and '40s. Helena Andreyko 'Trix'.

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Singer Kim Carnes was offered the role of Stephanie Zinone, the female lead, but declined. Jeff Conaway was originally to have a cameo as the Bowling Alley Manager. She slowly begins to discover that she has similar feelings for him, and starts to reciprocate his crush, but on the outside, she still was mired down by the "Pink Lady Code." Pamela Adlon was starring the on The Facts of Life (1979) when this movie came out.

Whilst this sequel was being made, he was Olivia Newton-John's boyfriend. Dean was famous for playing a rebel in Rebel Without a Cause (1955).

During the 'Girl For All Seasons' performance, she was the month of November, wearing a Horn-of-Plenty, a turkey-feather headpiece, and a Pilgrim outfit. The theatrical feature film debut for Lorna Luft, daughter of Judy Garland, and half-sister of Liza Minnelli'. She declined, saying she was too old to be playing a high school student.
It remains unknown if the footage will ever be released.

Dean was famous for playing a rebel in "Rebel Without a Cause".

But Michael was Sandy's cousin, and the writers thought there were too many similarities. Deborah Harry was initially asked to play Stephanie Zinone. She said the script was not finished when they began filming, but the draft they were using still included Frenchy. Christopher McDonald originally auditioned for the part of Johnny before being cast as Goose. Which adheres to the updated legislation on social groups as implemented on 14th September 2020.

Allan Carr had asked his Grease cast member Lorna Luft to appear in that number with Lowe, but she said no. Director Patricia Birch said the movie was originally going to be titled "Son of Grease". ", Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield did not get along during filming. ", "Do It For Our Country" is a duet between Sharon and Louis. The filmmakers ultimately decided to include Frenchy in the final cut, though they had limited footage. Debbie Harry was initially asked to play Stephanie Zinone.

Producers wanted something more straightforward, so it was switched to "Grease 2". According to internet sources, he cheated on her with their nanny, and they divorced in 1995.

This explains the rebellious attitudes of the movie's T-Birds and their female counterparts, the Pink Ladies. Pat Benatar was considered for the role of Stephanie Zinone. When Michael tries to get a T-Birds locker and they open it, the license plate (DXJ 432) of Kenickie's Greased Lightning car is hanging in the locker. Michael DiMente's character 'Boy With Bass Guitar' was actually named Bruce Sanders in the William Rotsler movie tie-in novel. The theatrical feature film debut for Lorna Luft, daughter of Judy Garland, and half-sister of Liza Minnelli. Though not a Rydell student, it's more likely he's a drop-out, possibly from St. Bernadette. Original plans were for this to be the second installment in a franchise of four movies and a TV series. Michael answers: "According to Dolores, the code stinks!" The Pink Ladies are now led by the beautiful Stephanie Zinone (Michelle Pfeiffer), who feels she has "outgrown" her relationship with leader of the T-Birds, Johnny Nogerelli (Adrian Zmed) during summer break. Johnny, upon seeing them together in a discussion at the Burger Diner, reminded Stephanie that her Pink Ladies Jacket was T-Bird Property, and suggested that she quit the group. The pink cabinet outside of the Burger Diner, that Johnny and Goose knee and punch, was made specifically for the film and was not a part of Cadillac Jack's, the diner where the scene was filmed. After the Lone Rider reappears and defeats the Cycle Lords, he finally reveals himself to be Michael. Producers wanted something more straightforward, so it was switched to "Grease 2".

While the "Preptones" are auditioning for the talent show, Ms. Mason turns to the principal and the secretary and says, "Those are my boys."

There's also a pack of cigarettes and a wrench from auto shop class.

Tom Cruise auditioned for the role of Johnny Nogerelli, but director Patricia Birch wanted someone older and taller. Stephanie and the Cool Rider meet outside the school, but are ambushed by the T-Birds who pursue Michael with Stephanie and the Pink Ladies following in a car. A handful of middle-class youth were drawn to the subculture for its rebellious attitude. One of the most famous and greatly loved musicals of all time.

Maxwell Caulfield and Christopher McDonald acted together in The Boys Next Door (1985). The character was written out during filming, and she was told halfway through that she was no longer needed. “Grease Is the Word” is the theme song written by Barry Gibb of the Bee-Gee’s, This is very much linking the movie to Travolta, Stigwood and Carr’s hit of last year the disco phenomenon “Saturday Night Fever”. Though the connection was never acknowledged in the movie, Johnny Nogerelli was originally intended to be the cousin of Danny Zuko from the first film.

The greaser subculture may have emerged in the post-World War II era among the motorcycle clubs and gangs of the late 1940s and 1950s.

Maxwell Caulfield tried hard to get it changed back, saying that "Grease 2" was a boring title.

Grease 2 was produced by Allan Carr and Robert Stigwood, and directed and choreographed by Patricia Birch, who also choreographed the first film.

On "Xanadu", the two formed a romance which lead to marriage. Stephanie was visibly upset by this, but refused to quit the Pink Ladies.

X Join the mailing list. The remaining three members decided to remain a trio and became the original iteration of the Lettermen, after whom the Preptones were modeled. The song, "Score Tonight," along with industry updates in mechanized scoring, revitalized the troubled bowling sport, bringing a new golden age to the game with young people across America. Patricia Birch was the dance choreographer for the original "Grease". If your reservation has been affected by Covid-19 we are able to rebook your accommodation to a future date subject to availability. Stephanie was surprised again by the Lone Rider and they enjoyed a romantic twilight motorcycle ride. Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield did not get along during filming. Matt Lattanzi, playing Brad in this movie, had had a bit part in "Xanadu", where he met "Grease" star Olivia Newton-John.

Instead, Grease 2 flipped the plot and starred Michelle Pfeiffer as the leader of the Pink Ladies. Michael told Stephanie that he would see her at the June Moon Talent Show, in which the Pink Ladies and T-Birds were performing, and rides away. Exteriors for Grease were shot mostly at Venice High but Grease 2 was filmed at Excelsior High in Norwalk both in California a cement cube and flag pole were added to the front walkway at Excelsior High.

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