how does a magnetron work

In case a small magnetic field exists inside the magnetron then the electron emerging from the cathode will slightly deviate from its straight path.

In this video, the presenter is going to give you a short description of a Magnetron and will also share its working principle.

Pokemon=pocket/monster . First without applying the RF input to the anode and the second one with the application of RF input. Case I: In case an active RF input is provided to the anode of the magnetron then oscillations are set up in the interaction space of the magnetron. (The name “magnetron” is a combination of “magnetic” and “electronic”) Q: How does the magnetron work?

All rights reserved. It was invented in the year 1921 by Albert Hull.

Great resource for users, buyers & sellers of T&M solutions. But this energy is very small in comparison to the energy delivered to the oscillations. Also, the area existing between anode and cathode of the tube is known as interaction space/region. South Asia's Most Popular Electronics Magazine.

Advertisement. The Magnetron is called as Cavity Magnetron because the anode is made into resonant cavities and a permanent magnet is used to produce a strong magnetic field, where the action of both of these make the device work. A magnetic field is applied longitudinally by an external magnet.

Then the electron will bounce back to the cathode itself without reaching the anode.

The operating principle of a magnetron is such that when electrons interact with electric and magnetic field in the cavity then high power oscillations get generated. When RF input is not present.

This is shown in the figure below: The movement of these favoured electrons inside the tube enhances the field existing between the gaps in the cavity. C char function on Visual Studio C 2019 wrong result, or not. Linkedin. A thick cylindrical cathode is present at the center and a cylindrical block of copper, is fixed axially, which acts as an anode. The cavities are present at the circumference of the anode at equal spacing. Print. Required fields are marked *.

So, when an electron is emitted from the cathode to anode then it transfers its energy in order to oscillate. This resultantly changes the frequency of oscillations. The variation in the oscillating frequency of the magnetron give rise to the term frequency pushing and pulling. Network Consists of Further Focused Websites (Channels).

Engineers use portmanteaux all the time, although most of them don't even know what the word means! Case I: When the magnetic field is 0 or absent. Construction of Cavity Magnetron.

More specifically we can say that edges and cavities show180⁰ phase apart relationship. Twitter. Pinterest .

Your email address will not be published. A: Analysis of the magnetron can range from a qualitative explanation to highly technical analysis using advanced electromagnetic field theory and math.

The propagation of unfavoured electrons is shown below: Case III: When the RF input is further increased then the electron emitted while travelling increases its velocity in order to catch up the electron emitted earlier with comparatively lower velocity. When the voltage applied at the anode of the magnetron is varied then this causes the variation in the velocity of the electrons moving from cathode to anode.

Due to this, the orbit of the electron gets confined into spokes. A platform for enablers, creators and providers of IOT solutions.

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