how to become a cpa

Becoming a CPA requires a big time investment and careful planning. Save 20% off The Princeton Review CFA Review! Use these tips to earn a CPA license and kick-start a highly rewarding career! The exam is available to take every weekday during the following CPA Exam testing windows: Next, let’s look at some other important things to know about how to become a CPA. Becoming a CPA is something that takes years of education and professional accounting experience. As you plan to study, consider the study formats that have worked for you in the past. You must have both an undergraduate degree and specific subject area coverage to be admitted to the new CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP). $65 OFF Fast Forward Academy EA Review Course! You get your license by fulfilling the requirements of your State Board of Accountancy; the website This Way to CPA explains the requirements for each state. You also need to understand what this certification is.

They confirm that the CPA will help accelerate the career of anyone with an accounting major. That’s great, and I can certainly help!

Steps to Becoming A CPA. Strong organizational skills ensure professionals do not miss deadlines or misplace important information.

Each state sets its own educational criteria for the CPA credential, but most states require aspiring CPAs to earn 150 postsecondary credits — or about 30 credits beyond a typical bachelor’s program. The CPA is not a federally-issued license. If you live outside the U.S., you can use the internet to find a State Board that accepts international candidates from your country.

This page provides information about how to become a CPA and details the necessary education, career development, and skills. With this in mind, we aggregate what we believe to be the six... Let us know what type of degree you're looking into, and we'll find a list of the best programs to get you there. EY Jobs, Internships, and Interviews (Ernst & Young). There are different ways you can earn these credits to meet the requirement.

I recommend selecting a state in which you might live or work (for ease), but you can choose any state, so long as you meet the requirements of that state.

CPA candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree, and most CPAs also earn a master’s degree since states typically require 150 postsecondary credits for certification. Next, you need to find the closest testing center to you and then schedule the CPA Exam. First, let’s look at what you have to invest in. Many employers value the specialized skills demonstrated by these certificates. Specialized options within these areas include nonprofit accounting, employee benefit plan auditing, enterprise risk management, internal control, and cybersecurity. Many professional organizations offer certificate programs. So it’s agreed across the board that there is a significant investment.

Then, you wait for the result. When you’re approved, you’ll receive a Notice to Schedule, which is the same process that U.S. exam candidates follow to take the exam at a test center. If you’re planning on going to a Big 4, the CPA is a smart choice (it’s basically mandatory for big 4). A GRADUATE DEGREE CAN LEAD TO ADDITIONAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES AND HIGHER EARNING POTENTIAL. A CPA certification is definitely beneficial for an accounting career. The exam writers are careful not to provide anything in the answer choices that might give away the correct answer. Accountants receive information from clients, which they use to prepare financial reports. The road to a CPA can be long, but all the rewards will motivate you and help you stay on track.

The creator of the CPA exam, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) also explains some of the reasons candidates choose the CPA over other certifications or no certification at all. Is Becker CPA Only for Big 4?

It’s not easy to get your CPA license without an accounting degree, but it is completely doable. CPAs are in demand in all areas, including government, not-for-profit, academia, accounting, finance and public and private enterprises all around the world. There are many advantages to becoming a CPA. Best Online Bachelor's Degrees in Accounting, Best Online Master's Degrees in Accounting, Most Affordable Online Accounting Programs, Best Online Associate in Accounting Programs, Best Online Certificate Programs in Accounting, Bachelor's Degrees in Forensic Accounting, Difference Between Accounting and Finance, National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, American Association of Finance and Accounting, Professional Association of Small Business Accountants.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment for accountants and auditors to grow by 6% from 2018-2028.

Not only will you want to look at what you get from the CPA, but you also want to compare it to other certifications like the CMA, the CFA or the CIA. You won’t regret it. You might be a little overwhelmed by the CPA exam process. However, you can take all four tests during the same window. Despite how much it may cost to get your CPA, it will pay for itself again and again over the years you work in the profession with your certification.

Accountants often review large spreadsheets of numbers. However, a professional’s duties vary depending on their employer.

However, it’s important to plan around the exam testing windows. CPAs manage multiple deadlines, large quantities of data, and a lot of paperwork. Next, you need to send your application to the state board. In the accounting industry, getting your CPA is one of the best ways to maximize your earning potential and reach new career goals, such as promotions and pay raises. Earning a degree does not guarantee a specific position or career, but candidates must meet education requirements to qualify for the CPA credential. A graduate degree can lead to additional employment opportunities and higher earning potential. Most states will require candidates to have 120 credit hours of education, which is the equivalent of a 4-year bachelor’s degree. © Copyright 2017-2018 - Big 4 Bound, LLC -.

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