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For one thing, all mattresses lose comfort as their support materials break down over time. King beds are ideal for spacious master bedrooms or for couples that require the extra space to move. 25-year mattress guarantee is available. You also only get one exchange, not duplicate do-overs throughout the year. To ease shoppers’ fears, IKEA applies its “love it or exchange it” 365-day return policy for all purchases to its mattress sales. To figure out which IKEA mattresses are the best, we did more than just test out a couple of mattresses. IKEA offers several different varieties of mattresses in 2 major categories: spring mattresses and foam and latex mattresses. Spring beds tend to offer superior support but adjust less fully to your exact shape and sleeping position. Even among mattresses with ratings in the three-star range, you will find many glowing reviews. This high-end bed is also among IKEA’s most expensive. The best beds of either type incorporate features that enhance their strengths and reduce their weaknesses.

Your real bed could feel quite different.

Depending where you purchased your bed, by the time you realize you bought the wrong mattress, it could be too late. IKEA’s other latex foam mattresses are made with synthetic latex, but the MAUSUND consists of 85% natural latex, natural wool and coconut fibers, and 100% sustainably-sourced cotton. *Terms and conditions apply . However, while other products can be returned for a full refund, mattresses may only be exchanged for another mattress, so there’s no taking your business elsewhere. Negative reviews mentioned poor edge support. If the chemistry isn't right, simply come back and choose another mattress*. Memory foam beds may get uncomfortably warm and lack sufficient spinal support. Sleepers also report that the latex bed is cooler than memory foam, which makes it a better choice if you sleep hot. Don’t forget delivery fees if you’re not able to transport the mattress yourself.

Check out our guide. By most standards, yes, IKEA mattresses are very safe. Thanks to our wide range of choices we are totally sure that you will find the perfect one for you and your budget. If you buy the cheapest IKEA mattress available, you probably won’t get much in the way of comfort and support. The best IKEA mattresses share this attribute, with purchasers reporting that the mattresses often look and feel more high-end than the reasonable price tag would convey. In the past, differences between European standard sizes and American standard sizes could pose problems for consumers. Loaded with high-end features like cooling gel-infused memory foam and 3 layers of pocket spring, the HOLMSBU medium firm pillowtop is the best all-around mattress. The happiest customers call the plush, comfortably contouring bed “the best mattress” they’ve ever had. Other features set this mid-level and mid-priced mattress apart from the rest. IKEA offers foam mattresses in difference sizes, which could perfectly fit your bed frames. For all IKEA mattresses, the company offers a 365-day trial. Regardless of how you feel about Swedish meatballs or the notorious assembly instructions, shoppers love IKEA’s modern and clean aesthetic, fun styles, innovative ideas, and affordability. What’s under your mattress matters. The mid-priced, medium firm MYRBACKA latex mattress wins over sleepers who find other IKEA beds too firm. Or if you’re looking for a mattress for grown up children, single bed is the right choice. Whether roll-packed or traditionally packaged, a new mattress may give off a smell, known as off-gassing, when unrolled or unboxed. Natural materials are this mattress’s claim to fame. In fact, even better than those of some well-known, large mattress brands. Find out more about browser cookies. For a foam bed, how dense is the foam? 25-year guarantee. The perfect bed for one person may be entirely too soft for another person, yet too firm for a third person. All mattresses and divan beds listed on our website are using the standard UK sizes. Spending mere minutes testing a mattress on the IKEA sales floor doesn’t tell you what it will really feel like to sleep on the mattress night after night, year after year. That's why we give you 40 days to be sure you're compatible. Hybrid mattresses are known for bringing together the best of both worlds: the support of coils and the pressure-relieving comfort of foam. Another mattress available in firm and medium firm, HESSTUN’s 9 ⅞-inch Eurotop design incorporates built-in layers of foam and soft filling. One of the best values in IKEA mattresses is MORGEDAL, a foam mattress that comes in both medium firm and firm. A layer of high-resilience polyurethane foam reduces pressure on your body for maximum comfort and relaxation.

memory foam pillowtop provides just the right amount of sinkable comfort. Some didn’t like the mattress’s thickness raising their sleeping surface so high, while others felt irked by the need for deep-pocket fitted sheets. What do purchasers and expert reviewers have to say about the mattress? The 9 ½-inch bed consists of a thick layer of synthetic latex over high-resilience support foam. If you’re skeptical about the quality of IKEA mattresses, you’re not alone. With extra width and length, compared to single and double beds, queen beds can be more comfortable for single active sleepers. Machines carefully compress the mattress so that it is thin enough to be rolled up. For asthma and allergy sufferers, natural materials may be less aggravating.

IKEA recommends purchasing a new mattress every 8 to 10 years. While IKEA has both foam and spring mattresses that come roll-packed, not all IKEA mattresses are rolled. Begin your 100-day mattress trial now! On the other hand, a mid-range or high-end IKEA mattress is still more budget-friendly than many beds from other manufacturers, and many of these mattresses have features comparable to their higher-priced competitors. Your mattress can mean the difference between waking up refreshed or waking up with aches, pains, and a sluggish brain that struggles to focus. “Normal wear and tear” is specifically not covered by the warranty, yet it’s the breakdown that results from this nightly wear and tear that most often makes a new mattress necessary. However, most reviewers loved the bed, noting that it was very supportive. A layer of 564 (in the queen size) individually-wrapped response coils, sandwiched between layers of 1.5 lb/cu.ft. In Indonesia, single bed comes with 90 cm x 200 cm dimensions, this size is also common in Northern European countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. See more. There’s truly a bed for every budget, and every sleeping preference, on our list of the 10 Best IKEA Mattresses. While most purchasers found the smell mild, some reported that it was strong and lasted for weeks. IKEA’s memory foam is made of polyurethane ranging in density from 1.5 lb./cu.ft. You already know about the standard mattress sizes, so how do you choose the right mattress? These mattresses are generally in line with standard sizes, even if their measurements aren’t exactly the same: Because IKEA’s mattresses are within an inch of standard mattress sizes, purchasers usually have no problem fitting an IKEA mattress on a non-IKEA frame. Although the medium firm latex bed may still be too firm for some sleepers, it’s a better fit for many people than the very firm memory foam version of MYRBACKA. To some degree, you get what you pay for, as you can’t expect the very best mattress with the most cutting-edge features for a couple hundred bucks.

The purchase is something of a gamble. IKEA’s thinnest mattresses are under 4 inches thick, while its thickest mattresses stack up to nearly 18 inches thick. While you might worry that the cooling gel would interfere with the pleasantly squishy feel of memory foam, sleepers say that isn’t the case. Additionally, the 167-pound mattress isn’t roll-packed for convenient transfer and requires 2 people to maneuver it. IKEA’s comfort zones provide support over five zones, emphasizing the hips and shoulders. If you don’t find your new bed comfortable enough, you can return it for a full refund (minus the delivery costs). As well as adding standard UK dimensions and naming conventions to the mattress the sell IKEA also added normal UK sized beds. We spend a third of our lives sleeping. Copyright ©2020 Rave Reviews, All Rights Reserved.

When IKEA is your go-to home shopping solution, you’ve already answered the major question of where to search for your mattress. Why should you replace a mattress that’s still under warranty? With its spacious surface area, king bed makes sleeping comfortably through the night much more likely. The breathable materials are meant to keep this mattress from getting uncomfortably hot. If your bed is such a tight fit that a fraction of an inch could prevent the mattress from fitting on the frame, it may be wise to break out the tape measure before you buy. A layer of 594 (in the queen size) individually-wrapped full-sized springs makes up the supportive core of the mattress. With no or few customer reviews, prospective buyers can’t predict how the bed holds up over time or how it feels for regular sleep. The affordable MORGEDAL foam mattress offers more value for your money, with features you wouldn’t expect at its modest price point. Most latex IKEA mattresses are made with synthetic latex. A roll-packed mattress allows it to fit much more readily in most vehicles. The biggest drawbacks purchasers reported about the HESSTUN mattress include sagging, especially at the edges of the mattress, that developed over time.

To determine a mattress’s value, compare not just costs, but features. The core of IKEA mattresses are steel coils or foams. Mattress comfort is subjective.

Double beds have a length of 200 cm and width of 120 cm. Based on its name, single bed is used only for one person. IKEA’s thinnest mattresses are under 4 inches thick, while its thickest mattresses stack up to nearly 18 inches thick.

Many would-be purchasers question the quality not only of IKEA mattresses, but of mattresses made by any company other than established mattress manufacturers.

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