importance of human ecology

The interaction between human and environment also influence the ecosystem. It’s an incredibly complex system to study, which is why this science is divided into several categories that each deal with their respective form of ecology. Whenever ecology makes strides in a field, it creates more understanding among the general population, and this leads to a more eco-conscious view of the world.

This is one of the key practical aims of ecology. For humans… 3/4/15 This is very fundamental when it comes to assessing the needs of human beings who have the biggest effect on the ecosystem. As more and more people realize their potential impact on the environment, they become more welcoming of environmentally-friendly ideas and proposals. Environmental Conversation. These indicators instil a sense of urgency among the population, pushing people to actively take part in conservation efforts and ensure the longevity of the planet. Community ecology takes a look at the community, defined as all the populations that live in a given area. By studying ecology, the emphasis is put on how … Environment is classified into 3 types [6]. The factors by which they will populate are the size of Staying informed about the ecological costs allows people to be more frugal with their energy demands and adopt practices that promote conservation such as switching of lights during the day and investing in renewable energy. The interaction between human and environment also influence the ecosystem. Drinking from a plastic cup is not at all pleasant, and it’s difficult to clean one, which is why they are promptly thrown out. Approximately 100 countries are following the same demographic pattern as industrialized countries, however with a time delay of several generations.

These connections help us understand the relationships shared among organisms. Founded Conserve Energy Future with the sole motto of providing helpful information related to our rapidly depleting environment. There are few biomes in the world like: Aquatic (rivers, streams, lakes, open sea zone, deep sea zone, neritic zone) and Terrestrial (tundra, taiga, grass land, tropical rainforest, and desert). It is of particular interest to ecologists who desire to understand how some organisms overcome the challenges presented to them. Alternatively, studying a food chain in a wetland area gives wetland ecology while the study of how termites or other small organisms interact with their habitat brings about niche construction ecology. It has also led to the extinction and endangerment of certain species. This particular disease is spread by one kind of mosquito called Anopheles. Many people believe that as humans, we do have a moral responsibility towards the environment and we must preserve and protect it for the future, Ecology and diversity both focus on the measurable properties of size, types, importance, disparity, and unevenness. In a bid to control malaria, humans must first understand how the insect interacts with its environment in terms of competition, sex, and breeding preferences.

Human ecology is an interdisciplinary field, and it includes the interactions among humans and their natural, social, and built environments. Appendix C). to their destruction [7-9]. An example is human dependency on fossil fuels that has led to the increase of carbon footprint in the ecosystem. Energy conservation and ecology is connected in that, it aids in understanding the demands different energy sources have on the environment. snow, hills) that affects it and the supply of molecules required for its life functions(carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulphur, Department of Microbiology, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, Received date: 15/02/2017; Accepted date: 15/04/2017; Published date: 22/04/2017, Visit for more related articles at Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences.

It’s important that we as a species adjust certain resource demands to create a sustainable system that will last. They are just as important in our ecosystem as any other type of organism.

Here are the reasons why ecology is important: Ecology allows us to understand the effects our actions have on our environment. Ecology equally allows us to see the purpose of each organism in the web of connectivity that makes up the ecosystem. Human ecology, a term introduced in the 1920s and revived in the 1970s, attempted to apply theory from plant and animal life to human communities. The consumers depend

As previously mentioned, ecology also deals with microbial organisms. In order to understand fields such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, home economics, etc., one must understand the different facets of human ecology. Ecology helps us to understand how our actions affect the environment. HHS

Ecology studies the ecosystems that these trees are in and it can show us just how bad the consequences would be if they were harmed. natural areas, as well as agricultural sustainability, ecology is important. Michael Held '92 But some of the most important skills Held says he uses day-to-day, he learned as a human services study major at the College of Human Ecology. For eg., dinosaurs, white shark, mammoths, etc. The three basic approaches that conduct the ecological methods are observing, experimenting and modelling. We can show the extent of our damage to the ecosystem around us using ecological models and observations. on the producers (all herbivores).The decomposers are the organisms that are rely on dead organisms for their existence COMADRE: a global data base of animal demography. Population ecology is the next rank on the ecological ladder. Here, attention is given to things such as population size, its density, the structure of the population, migration patterns, and the interaction between organisms of the same population.

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