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of the test voltage, under specified conditions 3.1.2 steep front impulse fast-front voltage impulse whose time to peak is less than that of a standard lightning impulse but not less than that of a very-fast-front voltage as defined in IEC 60071-1. Severe chop wave. The overshoot compensation (6) improves the impulse voltage wave shape for highly capacitive test objects.

MX-%��!��C�ǷG�ܭ֖,tǠO�����wO!�>Y��}���;�A�I tϻ-�I�Q�4�U�V�|��G��~dj�7�����Y�]�A�8��%9�P��¬���/͸����� ���[7����n�̪����>�$&�6�e r���lI(�J���؀����8���o�D�;шSm�Uҿjp/�䭇���Z�c�� ���=���$Cͽ+x7a�v$^b0F�����Ez=��F�����hm��W��am�-"��b2VMI�sѫ�c�R%/~�b�Voߖѣ�'�O�2*�C&��T��f��&��6Xd`���Zs���;[�g!��5�0��ǩ�}�����Y�ڜ�Y�j������#��,����|��&����pۤI�O{+. Higher line terminal voltage than can occur in the field 2. The impulse voltage divider (4), which is capaci-tively damped, measures full and crest-chopped lightning and switching impulses. CONTROLLED RESISTIVE LIGHTNING IMPULSE VOLTAGE DIVIDER nom. voltage: kV yes no TECHNICAL QUESTIONNAIRE - Impulse Voltage Test System, page 4 of 4 (recommended for standard wave shapes) (recommended for chopped wave shapes) endstream endobj 114 0 obj <>stream 3) According to EN/IEC 60384-14:2005 U R VAC is connected to the capacitor. 1 Fig. 113 0 obj <>stream 1X]�S1t?�9�>Q���o-୳ǀ8��7��$ހLʀMS� 3. Test Ca 90 – 95% R.H. U U i U R time impulse voltage test (fig. Test sample met the requirements. Significant hold time 2. The value of criticalimpulse flashover voltag- e is higher then 92 percent of the rated critical-impulse flashover voltage, i.e. �wU��T2{�R���l��OJ�~���=�ʼd�y��S�S���,Q�^�����u��9���|S�B��aZ�!�̜ �V .�T7|z�E�!j�vM�I�N{/4��?������B���&. The chopping gap (5) provides a fast volt-age breakdown. The total charging voltage ranges from 200 kV to 10’000 kV with a per-stage energy of 10 to 30 kJ. The rated critical-impulse flashover voltage 200 kV is specified by ANSI C29.18, Table 1. Impulse Test concepts by Philip J Hopkinson, PE Good impulse Test : 1.

IS 2026 (Part 3) : 2009 lEe 60076-3:2000 IEC 60790, Oscilloscopes andpeak voltmeters for impulse tests IEC 61083-1, Digital recorders for measurements in high-voltage impulse tests - Part 1: Requirements for digital recorders IEC 61083-2, Digital recorders for measurements in high-voltage impulse tests - Part 2: Evaluation ofsoftware used for the determination ofthe parameters ofimpulse waveforms %JP��g,^U�ܯ.�� o�ȭ�[�����I�2�-��ɑ�P= _;o��������������si���9r�)V�k�'��\ROw�3�}�m�ɛ�99�(D�?0����3�7v�T91��!��%I(���'�t����Q=�#B�İ6��;�iYxVZE��H���1���@�V�H� N�o��z�� ,n���&� ���l��~�Z��>��cS�b�VR�C�ٷ�,c���u��e��:����}O

Fast rising wave. 2 active flammability (fig. 2.6), the applicability of Eq. (2.9) is limited to values of K t close to unity, for K t \0.95 it is %PDF-1.6 %���� Includes test with shorted terminals of untested windings 4. Able to excite all natural frequencies of the windings Ideal Impulse Test 1.

2. Impulse Voltage Test System, 200 – 10’000 kV / 10 – 1’500 kJ. Vice versa when a test voltage V 0 is specified for standard reference atmo-sphere, the actual test voltage value can be calculated by the converse procedure: V ¼ K t V 0: ð2:9Þ Because the converse procedure uses the breakdown voltage V 50 (Eq.

1) According to EN/IEC 60384-14:2005 Capacitor class U p kV X1 4 X2 2.5 none Y1 8 Y2 5 none Y4 2.5 Fig.

184 kV. is a platform for academics to share research papers. SGVA impulse test systems can be used to generate impulse voltages simulating lightning strokes and switching surges. APPLICATION .

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