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Chris thought the technique might be adapted for the ice, if we replaced the dancers’ lifts and throws with quick-fire upper-body movements. Widely available on the Russian All Stars video realised in 1990, the group number involved the whole company dressed up as a pack of cards – representing different suits, numbers, and court characters. Only a small clip of it is known to be available on the internet, so not an awful lot is known about the dance except that it is a group number with Torvill and Dean performing with the whole company.

The following morning they are discovered and a violent attack is carried out on the Fire Prince by her own people. Torvill wears pink leggings, red shirt, and orange waistcoat, and Dean wears blue trousers, purple, pink, and blue shirt, and garish blue waistcoat. It is a very lighthearted piece with little substance and was clearly provided as accessible comic relief from the other more demanding group pieces. Chris wears grey-brown trousers and shirt, with Jayne in a simple one-colour burnt red dress. The routine is very fast and demanding, including a section where they skate backwards away from each other and back in a series of three, each time bringing their inside blades within inches of each other, relying on absolutely perfect judgement. She fears him, but she wants him too, and eventually her desire overcomes her fear. The costumes were of traditional Egyptian royalty design.
The documentary focused on how their choreography had advanced during their professional years, away from the rigid rules of amateur competition, focusing on the comic performance of Hat Trick, the political expression of Missing, the technical accomplishment of Oscar Tango, and the stylistic performance of Revolution / Imagine. The symmetry in this dance is stunning, particularly the spinning moves created specifically to demonstrate the despair of the dancers/characters. This includes a lot of fast backwards sections, separate jumps, twists, and turns in complete unison. For costumes Chris wore full white tie, waistcoat, and tails, while Jayne wore a flowing near full-length blue dress complete with blue feather boa. At that time, Ice Dance "long" routines typically used several pieces of music, often with different rhythms to show off the command of different steps (thus their Free Dance in 1981 used "Fame", "Caravan", "Red Sails in the Sunset", and "Sing, Sing, Sing"); the Original Set Pattern dance used only one piece of music, but the entire routine had to be performed three times in sequence, exactly the same way. Jayne has a very short flashy red dress with a spade in the middle.

Excerpt taken from Torvill and Dean's autobiography (Facing the Music: 1995:201): One thing that required our attention was Chris's response to some Andean music, which reminded him of the terrible things – particularly the officially sanctioned kidnappings – that had been happening in Chile and Argentina in recent years. After winning the 1981 World Figure Skating Championships (which brought the distinction of MBEs), and with three more years before the Olympics, they began to plan routines which used a single piece of music and had some narrative or thematic element.

After a 5th-place finish at their first Olympic Games, in Lake Placid in the 1980 Winter Olympics, and 4th place in the Worlds that year, they never took lower than firs… And I wanted to put that onto the ice – this raw aggression – and overstate it – so that, for people sitting right the way back, it becomes literal though body. Technical piece, Composer: Joseph Canteloube; Sung by Kiri Te Kanawa, Versions available on video/DVD or internet: Available on the Dancing on Ice 2006 DVD, Versions available on video/DVD or internet: None known, Versions available on video/DVD or internet: Yes (YouTube), Music: The Procession of the Tsar Berendy – Rimski-Koraskov, Competition: Challenge of the Champions Innsbruck Austria 1990, Result: 1st (10,10,10,10,10,10,10 – Artistic) (10,10,10,9.9,10,10,9.9 – Technical), Music: Revolution – The Beatles / Imagine – John Lennon, Competition: World Professional Championships, Still Crazy 1995 (performed again in 1998 as their final dance before retiring), This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 18:05.
They were working to a tight deadline for the programme but in the end the pressure became too much and the programme was delayed with the BBC's agreement.

In the 1992 “Simply the Best” documentary, Chris states “in Echoes of Ireland we visited the country to get an idea of the people and their music before we choreographed this piece for the ice”. Technical piece, Music: “January Stars” written and performed by George Otis Winston, Result: 1st (10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10.) All we needed was to reduce a three-hour epic to 30 minutes. In late 1998, they produced an ice show at Wembley Stadium in London, "Ice Adventures," which included a "flying" ice ballet and other wonders.

Another unique piece where Chris and Jayne really experiment with a new type of music and a very different type of footwork. The dance begins and ends most unusually with the dancers lying entwined together asleep on the ice. Media related to Jayne Torvill at Wikimedia Commons, Learn how and when to remove this template message, 2012 European Figure Skating Championships, Torvill_and_Dean § The professional years 1984–1998, Torvill and Dean § Dancing on Ice performances, Officer of the Order of the British Empire, "1984: British ice couple score Olympic gold", "100 Greatest Sporting Moments – Results", "Torvill and Dean prepare for return of 'Dancing, "Torvill and Dean could return to help British ice skaters", "Torvill & Dean relive Bolero 30 years on", "What is the real-life story behind ITV's Torvill and Dean biopic? Originally filmed and performed for the one-off televised production with the Russian All Stars at the Luzhniki rink in Moscow in 1987, it is not clear whether it became a permanent part of the Russian All Stars Tour, but it seems likely that it was performed in at least the first five months of the Tour. What was particularly unusual about Jayne's costume was that she actually wore black skates to blend right in with her trousers. Nottingham actress Cassie Bradley delivered a scene stealing performance as Leanne, Dean's first partner. Neither of us took to the number, but restrained ourselves for the sake of a peaceful life. Dean's costume is Spanish in appearance, reflecting the Spanish music, consisting of an open-neck white shirt with a loose black tie, black trousers, and a large purple sash around his waist.

As time heals their wounds and their love endures, a distant archway appears towering over the icy mountains. In their autobiography, Dean states that he passed on the dance for Isabelle and Paul Duchesnay to perform in 1988, and that the dance was about the relationship between a boy and a girl, with the boy breaking in upon the woman's dreams[49], Excerpt taken from: Torvill and Dean: Romancing the Ice – Ice Cycles 1988. The up-and-coming Jazz composer Andy Sheppard was asked to compose an entirely new piece of music specifically for the routine, and Chris worked closely with him on the composition process.

It was long, fast and very testing, not only of our abilities as dancers, but also as actors, in particular Jayne, who had to go completely against character, with vicious movements and displays of anger.

In the 1991 Blade Runners documentary Jayne says: “I didn't like Revolution at first because I'm not an aggressive person, so it was good that he pushed it because it brought out another side of me – another character that I could portray”.

The piece contains many dances between the two of them, some of them comic (including one where Dean is actually wearing ordinary shoes on the ice as he is learning to adapt), some of them romantic and passionate, and some of them highly dramatic, including dancing separately with the company dancers representing the people from their respective planets. The dance was used as the artistic piece for the 1985 World Championships which they won for the second year in a row. But it follows on in a sort of resolve – not necessarily a happy ending – it then goes into Imagine. She was right to fear him after all... Paganini is a full Company Ballet choreographed by Tatiana Tarasova, with Torvill and Dean, together with lead dancer Yuri Ovchinikov as the leads. [45], The piece contains a unique move of immense technical balance, design, and strength, whereby Dean lifts Torvill feet-first, allowing her to take hold of his lower calf.

The costumes were minimalist and unobtrusive, in keeping with the understatedness of the piece, consisting in the 1980s of a small sleek light grey-blue dress for Torvill cut like a mini-skirt and a silver-grey outfit for Dean. The costumes are simple – Chris in a flamboyant white shirt piece and Jayne all in white, very similar to, if not the same as, as her costume in Shepherd's Song. He is a kind of dream lover to her, dressed in mostly black; he is both exciting and dangerous. In 1971 at age 14 Torvill became the British National Pairs Champion with her then-partner Michael Hutchenson.

Torvill & Dean History (1989). "Torvill & Dean (GBR) – 1979 World Figure Skating Championships, Ice Dancing, Free Dance", "Torvill & Dean (GBR) – 1980 Winter Games, Ice Dancing, Free Dance", "Torvill & Dean (GBR) – 1981 World Figure Skating Championships, Free Dance", "Torvill & Dean (GBR) – 1984 Sarajevo, Figure Skating, Exhibition (Encore)", "Torvill & Dean (GBR) – 1984 World Pros, Ice Dancing, Technical Dance", "Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean Worlds Pro 1985", "Torvill & Dean (GBR) – 1990 World Professionals, Ice Dancing, Technical Dance", "Torvill & Dean – Revolution/Imagine (1990 WPC)", "Torvill & Dean – Still Crazy (1995 WPC)", "Torvill & Dean (GBR) – 1990 World Challenge of Champions, Ice Dancing Event", "Torvill & Dean 1994 Team Championships Encounter", "Torvill & Dean – Bridge Over Troubled Water", "Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean – Cecilia", ITV commissions single drama, Torvill & Dean, written by William Ivory and produced by Darlow Smithson, Unreality TV – News of Torvill and Dean on ITVs Dancing On Ice, Video Footage: Barnum – Torvill and Dean – 1983 World Championships, Video Footage: Bolero – Torvill and Dean – 1984 Olympics, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Torvill_and_Dean&oldid=986906352, Olympic gold medallists for Great Britain, Olympic bronze medallists for Great Britain, Articles needing additional references from August 2020, All articles needing additional references, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2009, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 1984, 1994 (amateur), 1998 (professional), Still Crazy After All These Years, Cecilia, Versions available on video/DVD or internet: yes, Competition: World Professional Championships Washington 1984, Result: 1st (10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10.) The movie was broadcast on 25 December 2018, with actor Will Tudor playing the role of Christopher Dean, and actress Poppy Lee Friar playing the role as Jayne Torvill. [7] In February 2014, Torvill and Dean visited Sarajevo for the 30th anniversary of the 1984 Olympics, and recreated their Bolero routine in the same arena where they won the gold.

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