kassandra and thaletas

Trouble in Paradise Today we honor the fallen. Kassandra was left to ponder the situation at hand and the schism between the two rebel leaders. Thaletas called out for help. Thaletas then made contact with the rebel leader Kyra, and the two came to be lovers.

Previous ... players will be able to explore their romantic options as either Kassandra … We don't go home until these islands are ours. Date However, Kassandra said that she could not leave her crew, and she then invited Thaletas to join her. Kassandra entered the Porphyrion Cave below Mykonos City and complimented the rebels' choice of hideout.

(If players asked "Weren't you allies of Athens? Date Next Many brothers were lost to the Athenian dogs. She was there, with Podarkes' body, and had built a funeral pyre for him.

After neutralizing the Athenian attack, Kyra and Thaletas hugged from the side.

1. Thaletas was born in Sparta, Laconia, Ancient Greece in 462 BC.

Thaletas was a Spartan polemarch who lived during the 5th century BCE.
Perikles's Symposium Daughters of Artemis and Daughters of Aphrodite, https://assassinscreed.fandom.com/wiki/The_Thaletas_Way?oldid=868731. Previous

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He then challenged Kassandra to fight him to prove her Spartan mettle, and Kassandra humbled him in a sword fight.

Appearance Mykonos, GreeceAegean Sea

Kassandra landed on Mykonos in response to a desperate plea from a failing rebellion.

Despite Kassandra stating that Podarkes belongs to the Cult of Kosmos, he cannot be unveiled before gathering more clues or defeating him. Although Barnabas states the camp is along the northwestern coast, it is actually on the northeastern side of Mykonos island. A note of jealousy entered Kyra's expression. Kassandra met with Thaletas at his camp after the meeting with Kyra. The three gathered around the table in the rebel hideout to form a plan.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, after Kassandra returned from assassinating several Athenian generals, she met with Thaletas on Delos; Thaletas bragged that the Athenians were too pious to attack the Spartans at the Sanctuary of Apollo, and that he meant to taunt them. The Adrestia preparing to attack an Athenian ship.

When he asked Kassandra to come with him back to Sparta, I told him "I wish I could, but I can't". Technical information Kassandra agreed to hunt down the Athenian ships. We will do the same! Thaletas then returned to his men while Kassandra met with Kyra as she cremated Podarkes.

So Kassandra mobilized the Adrestia to attack the impassable Athenian fleet.

Kassandra set sail and sank an Athenian ship. He winked at Kassandra as he said this. As she entered the camp, she witnessed Spartan soldiers already under attack from the Athenians. They immediately brandished their spears and held them to her neck. Kassandra climbed aboard to Thaletas' side and clapped. Description Kassandra Thaletas boasted that he would help Kyra. Thaletas and Kyra frequently argued over strategy, with Thaletas preferring to use the "invincible" Spartan phalanx and take the Athenians head-on, and Kyra favoring a more gradual and strategic approach. "), (If players asked "What are their names?"). Location Kassandra obliged him and helped dispatch the Athenians while Kyra attacked from range. In 429 BC, he commanded the army sent to assist the Delian rebellion on the Athenian-ruled island of Delos, and he became the lover of the rebel leader Kyra and the mercenary Kassandra.

Kassandra sided with Thaletas, causing Kyra to storm off to the Temple of Artemis to formulate her own plans. Thaletas attempted to bring up the beach conversation, and Kassandra told him to forget it; however, Kyra told Kassandra to relax, as she already knew about their affair. Thaletas was given the standard Spartan military education and had great pride in both his poleis and his family, and he was made a polemarch when the Peloponnesian War broke out in 431 BC.
If the Athenians are defeated first but the player turns around and goes to Kyra's cave without speaking to Thaletas, he will arrive at the cave and speak as though the player had already spoken to him.

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