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The peak of this metamorphism is dated at about, zircon data on metamorphic rocks from the Nyong. The influence of some granulometric properties on the parameters CBR, \(\gamma_{{d\left( {\max} \right)}}\) and \(w_{{{\text{opt}}}}\) was statistically examined, and some correlations were proposed for these variables. This zone shows successive con-, vex and convexo-concave hills, which often transit, progressively into pediments around the tropics (Se-, much of the tropical plateau landscapes (500 and, surmounted primarily by high plateaus (800 to, 1800–2000 m) and secondly by mountainous massifs, ifications to climate and vegetation distribution. This clear relationship developed between the compactibility parameters and the CBR value causes that numerous scientific studies attempt to predict the CBR value based on Maximum Dry Density (MDD), Optimum Moisture Content (OMC), the content of sand, clay or silt fractions (Sreelekshmypillai & Vinod, 2017; using waste natural soils in road constructions, Evaluate the influence of soils Geotechnical parameters on landslides susceptibility, Mineralogical characterization, 0 Contribution of two artificial intelligence techniques in predicting the secondary compression index of fine-grained soils, Pavement dimensioning with and on lateritic materials of the Mbu-Baforchu area, Utilization of Support Vector Models and Gene Expression Programming for Soil Strength Modelling, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering.DOI: 10.1007/s13369-020-04441-6, Correlation between california bearing ratio (CBR) with plasticity index of marine stabilizes soil with cockle shell powder, The influence of fine fractions content in non-cohesive soils on their compactibility and the CBR value, THE EFFECT OF OPC CEMENT ON ENGINEERING PROPERTIES OF GRANULAR SOILS, ENGINEERING PROPERTIES OF CLAYEY SOIL STABILIZED WITH WASTE GRANITE DUST, Effect of Grain Size Distribution on California Bearing Ratio (CBR) and Modified Proctor Parameters for Granular Materials, Prediction of CBR Value of Fine Grained Soils of Bengal Basin by Genetic Expression Programming, Artificial Neural Network and Krigging Method, Prediction of California Bearing Ratio Using Particle Swarm Optimization, MECHANICALLY STABILISED SOILS -REGRESSION EQUATION FOR CBR EVALUATION, Distinction au sein du craton congolais du Sud-Ouest du Cameroun, de deux épisodes doléritiques initiant les cycles orogéniques éburnéen (Paléoprotérozoïque) et Pan-Africain (Néoprotérozoïque), The engineering characteristics of the lateritic gravels of Ghana, Etude et prospection minière du Sud-Ouest Cameroun, Essai d'interprétation des mesures géochronologiques. No region or country can flourish/, Department of Civil Engineering and Forestry. %%EOF Generally, both graphs follow the same, pattern. Hence, it is concluded that the granite dust has good potential to be used as an additive for improving the engineering properties of clayey soil. Laboratory tests, based on soaked soil samples, encompassed the Proctor Compaction test and the CBR test. These features are conveniently grouped into endogenous as well as exogenous processes and products to distinguish phenomena operating respectively mainly within Earth from those operating mainly upon its surface. There are many methods have been tried to enhance engineering properties granular soils, but most of the stabilization techniques of soils often depend on additives such as cement, lime, fly ash, blast furnace slag etc. The main objective of this paper was focused on the study of changes of compactibility parameters and the CBR (Californian Bearing Ratio) values of silty sand (Pπ). ��T2/�(Q�v�aH�b������l Using the single linear regression, model, the correlation obtained between soaked CBR, versus MDD and that between CBR versus OMC give, fair coefficients of determination values compared to, the other models.

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15th colloquium on African geology, Nsifa EN, Tchameni R, Belinga SME (1993) De l’existence de, Ntem (Sud-Cameroun).

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