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Grease the foil with butter and make a pleat in the middle of the square. Remove from the heat and leave to cool slightly. Meanwhile, place the milk and cream in a saucepan. Remove the square of paper on top. No one will believe that you made this delectable chocolate peanut butter pudding in your slow cooker. Definitely sweet, as pudding should be, but not overly sweet. Pour some of the sauce over the top of the pudding and cut into wedges to serve. 125g/4½oz baking spread or soft butter, plus extra for greasing. This dish can be made up to 4 hours ahead – just leave it in the basin and keep it warm in hot water until you wish to serve it. The Best Homemade Chocolate Pudding Recipe – You won’t believe how incredibly easy it is to make creamy and luscious chocolate pudding from scratch! Mix with an electric mixer until well combined, light and fluffy. This dish can be made up to 4 hours ahead – just leave it in the basin and keep it warm in hot water until you wish to serve it. Allow mixture to cool completely, stirring occasionally. Rich, silky, perfectly chilled pudding is a classic dessert recipe … Tie up with string to seal. Skip the box and give this classic homemade pudding recipe a try.

Remove the foil, run a palette knife around the edges and invert onto a plate.

Cut a small square of baking paper, about the size of the bottom of the basin. Grease the square and place in the bottom of the basin, press into the corners. The sauce can be made up to 1 day ahead and reheated to serve. Add the chocolate and vanilla, then remove from the heat and stir until melted and runny. Try it it's almost guaranteed not to fail, and if you have kids they will enjoy the way the sauce slowly creeps to the bottom during cooking! Serve the remaining sauce in a jug alongside. Grease a 1 litre/1¾ pint pudding basin with butter. Indulgent and so comforting, this chocolate pudding is full of rich flavour and served with a divine pouring sauce. . Cut a square of kitchen foil that is about 4cm/1½in bigger than the rim of the basin. We're talking pure, all-encompassing bliss. This is a recipe from my mum. A local restaurant served a version of this recipe. Heat until just boiling. It's great served warm or cold. This chocolate pudding recipe is a beautiful deep brown in color, with a creamy texture, and rich taste. Recipe Tips. Place all of the pudding ingredients into a large bowl. Place the basin in a deep saucepan and pour in boiling water until it reaches halfway up the sides of the basin. This is a chocolate pudding with a lovely running chocolate sauce to go with it! I went crazy over it and decided to create my own with leftover baguette. Steam over a gentle simmer for about 1½-1¾ hours until the top is just firm.

When you eat this cooled, it is like It’s very easy to make and the perfect dessert to satisfy that chocolate fix.

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