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It was launched in July 1985 as the Family Computer Robot in Japan, and October 1985 as R.O.B. Our pals are getting ready to watch a movie when they realize that they´re out of grape juice. They head off to Grape Juice Planet to stock up, but run into a herd of ravenous cows eating all the grapevines.

The crew loses more than just their way. There´s only one problem: Ema is afraid of the dark. Ema is learning how to ride a bike, but she´s terrified of moving or letting anyone push her. ROBIN court derrière le ROBOT-NETTOYEUR.

OPUS le suit. Le ROBOT-NETTOYEUR revient avec un objet qu'il dépose dans un bac de recyclage.

ROBIN sort de sa cachette après le départ du ROBOT-NETTOYEUR qui court après OPUS. Rob needs an energy boost, but the charger is broken.

OPUS part à toute vitesse. Un robot marche parmi les amoncellements d'objets. Tous les cartons se renversent. Synchroniser vos plateformes de navigation; Découvrir ce que vos enfants regardent sur. When TK decides to bring her old Teddy to the Junk Planet.

The gang heads to Building Block Planet to see who can build the best tower. Join Rob, the galaxy's most curious and adventurous robot as he explores the wondrous planets with his friends Ema, the alien linguist, TK the walking toolkit, and Orbit the quirky artist, in this 3D animated preschool series full of fun and laughter.

Created by Craig Young. Download the TFO app on Google Play - Link will open a new window, Download the TFO app in the Apple Store - Link will open a new window, Visit the TFO Facebook page - Link will open a new window, Visit the TFO YouTube page - Link will open a new window. un grand écran. Le vaisseau file à toute vitesse dans l'espace en quittant la planète Bazar. On Explorer Planet, Rob and his friends discover that nothing beats team work when they try to find an ancient treasure before a treasure hunter. Rob and his friends learn about perseverance and how to deal with disappointment after they help a lonely goalie with his training on Soccer Planet.

ROBIN et ses amis à leurs postes. OPUS se cache derrière un couvercle de la poubelle. When TK decides to bring her old Teddy to the Junk Planet. Rocking robots, bouncing spacebugs and blazing comets… tighten your bolts and buckle your seat belts for the exciting adventures of Rob the Robot! When TK decides to throw away her old teddy bear on Junk Shop Planet, the crew realizes that a lot of things on the planet can be repaired or recycled, including TK´s teddy bear.

Only, there´s nothing gallant about the knight they meet there. This FAQ is empty. Une autre planète toute bleue apparaît. BRICO répartit les objets dans des bacs de récupération.

After going through some ups and downs on Elevator Planet, Orbit learns that being honest and taking responsibility for your actions is the best way to solve a problem.

à travers le hublot. Check out our editors' picks for our favorite Prime Video original movies and TV series, including "The Boys," "Fleabag," and more.

Orbit and Ema learn that, sometimes, slow and steady wins the race. Le ROBOT-NETTOYEUR s'approche de lui. Choose a filtering option by age, fiction or season.
Une baleine et des algues tournent autour. Il s'approche d'OPUS et lui fait un gros câlin. Puis une autre planète apparaît. La pile de carton est déséquilibrée et commence à s'effondrer sur ROBIN qui s'envole à l'aide de ses bottes-fusées. Determined to cheer her up, they decide to bring her to Happy Planet.

Le vaisseau se pose sur la Planète Bazar entre des tas d'objets. View production, box office, & company info.

Rob the Robot. Power Planet is out of power. ROBIN et ses amis s'installent à leur poste et font un compte à rebours.

Rob and his friends go to Lighthouse Planet to see how a real lighthouse works. Le ROBOT-NETTOYEUR se réjouit en émettant de petits couinements. retournent dans la fusée OPUS n'y voit rien à cause des cartons qu'il porte et frappe BRICO. OPUS lance les objets que le ROBOT-NETTOYEUR s'empresse de faire disparaître.

Rob and his friends travel to Puzzle Planet where their logic skills will be put to the test as they try to find Squeak, who, in the meantime, has solved the biggest puzzle of them all. Join Rob, the galaxy's most curious and adventurous robot as he explores wondrous planets with his friends Ema, the alien linguist, TK the walking toolkit and Orbit the quriky artist. Une peluche reste sur le sol.

On Cave Planet, Rob boasts about his spelunking skills and gets carried away by his own enthusiasm. chorégraphie en chantant. TK has never ridden a horse before. Join the galaxy´s most curious and adventurous robot, Rob as he explores wondrous planets with his friends. Ema, the alien linguist, TK the walking toolkit, and Orbit the quirky artist help Rob solve all the mysteries of the Robot Galaxy. OPUS entend le ROBOT-NETTOYEUR qui revient vers eux. Rob and his friends travel to Traffic Light Planet to learn about road safety. On Game Planet, Orbit learns that nothing beats playing with friends, not even portable video games.

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