scs certification standards

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Some hospitals offer a 1-3% pay raise with passing a certification exam, which can offset the cost of taking the exam. Having to treat the afternoon patients in a panicked depression was not something I wanted to do. During year 10, you must sit for a shorter recertification of 100 questions. These portfolios are not scored. One of the most common reasons we pursue a career as a physical therapist is an interest in sports. Other certification and legal verification programs will be considered if they were designed through an ISEAL compliant standard development process and are regularly monitored by an independent third party certification body with ISO Guide 65 certification.

There might be a select group of PTs out there who work with professional sports teams and may not need the extra time to study, but they would be in the minority. This will help guide the information and also assist with time management and studying leading up to the exam. You get recognized as an expert in the profession and become the go to person for guidance within the clinic. Some of you might chose to go the non-residency route.

Tired of your long hours and difficult patients?

To be honest, the time requirement was greater than I had anticipated.

Most of the questions are case studies or patient examples, but there are a few straight up memory regurgitations like specific nerve root innervations. ISO 10002 is not applicable to disputes referred for resolution outside the organization or for employment-related disputes. Others took the month off prior to the exam and crammed as much information as they could in that one month’s time. Physical therapy is notorious for lateral movement within our profession.

It might be a practice question and not counted towards your final score.

The first sports specialist certification examination was administered in 1987. Residencies are also limited to a few places across the country, although more and more are popping up. The certification program is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The Sports Certified Specialist (SCS) certification allows you to work with your local sports teams, be the primary medical provider at sporting events, and work with the high-level professional athletes that we all love to treat.

Recognition among other physical therapists. About SCS. For example, reading a research article each day Monday - Thursday. I signed up for the March 2016 SCS test, started studying 18 weeks prior using an Evidence in Motion review course, and received my results in June of 2016. I decided to sneak off and opened the email anyway. Demonstrating real commitment to product and service quality can transform your corporate culture because, as a result, employees understand the requirement for ongoing improvement.

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