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We'd like to thank all those who took part in the 1.39 open beta and made bug …

Viewpoints will now also show as undiscovered grey '?' So, what can you expect to find in the 1.39 update ATS? Until then, however, you can see that the design has changed quite significantly, especially as user profiles are now accessed via a drop-down option from the top of the launchpad. While a majority of the changes in 1.39 are not seen visually in this version, we look forward to bringing you more content and changes in the near future. Homepage for SCS Software’s corporate webpage, presenting an overview of the company’s statistics, projects, and testimonials from our customers and staff. All brand names, trademarks, registered marks, logos, and symbols on vehicles in the game are property of their rightful owners.

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, New Viewpoints in Washington and Utah DLCs, Lowboy trailers (ownable, including articulated ones), Viewpoint improvements (replayability, skip, map status, fade-out), Sound updates and improvements (turbo slider, sound positioning, cabin spatial mixing, sound distribution to accessories), Trailer browser & lister shows all valid cargo variants, Experimental transmission input shaft emulation and clutch brake support (g_clutch_brake). By SCS Blog, Yesterday at 09:48 AM in SCS Blog. We hope you can now begin to fully enjoy the various new features which are included within this update. Technically, it is a post-processing pass on the whole rendered screen at the full internal resolution, so a lot of maths for each pixel. We are also excited to introduce a long-requested update to the RGB Color Picker which drivers use to paint their trucks when purchasing or tuning their truck.

I am very pleased with the game. It's not possible to repack the files with the extractor. These are just some of the changes that are coming in 1.38 for Las Vegas, however, there are many more changes that are featured in … Also, there are more improvements for this cool new feature still in development, as we've gathered them through the amazing and most valuable feedback from our #BestCommunityEver! One of the first things you may notice when you launch American Truck Simulator with the 1.39 is a redesign of the current launchpad.

Spam, offensive, hateful and other inappropriate comments will be removed and authors may be permanently restricted from commenting. Add this map expansion to your Steam wishlist now! Media presented may involve content sold separately. SCS Software retains the right to modify game content at its discretion. Colorado, a western U.S. state, has a diverse landscape of arid desert, river canyons and snow-covered Rocky Mountains, which are partly protected by Rocky Mountain National Park.

Las Vegas isn't the only part of the American Truck Simulator world to receive an update in 1.38, one of the more noticeable changes are to Truckstops. Kenworth. Special Thanks: 50keda for his invaluable support while learning SCS Blender Tools, and also for developing SCS Blender Tools mwl4 for developing ConverterPIX which drastically simplified the process of importing/adapting SCS' cargo models LMB for some advice on the hay cargo. As we previously announced in a recent blog, new Lowboy Trailers will be arriving to American Truck Simulator. As we previously announced in a recent blog, new Lowboy Trailers will be arriving to American Truck Simulator.

Used with kind permission. This applies not only to the Mod Manager but especially to the new addition which we have placed here, Game Options.

You will also be able to spot them being hauled around by other truckers on the road, so make sure to give them plenty of space if you pass by one. Viewpoints allow drivers to activate a special in-game "cutscene" with a short showcase of a near location or place of interest such as an industry. American Truck Simulator Mods 6826 ATS Bus 77 ATS Cars 353 ATS Interiors 186 ATS Maps 516 ATS News 14 ATS Other 1368 ATS Parts/Tuning 378 ATS Skins 973 ATS Sounds 352 ATS Trailers 1199 ATS Trucks 1307 ATS Tutorials 10 We'd like to thank all those who took part in the 1.39 open beta and made bug reports and provided general feedback on this new version.

Not much time has passed since the last update of. Media presented may involve content sold separately. You will also find that the DLC Browser, Mod Manager, and Profile Manager have been placed together for easier access, along with a new addition to the launchpad, Game Options.

We'd like to thank all those who took part in the 1.39 open beta and made bug reports and provided general feedback on this new version. Game: American Truck Simulator.

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