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Also, in some areas casual or term employees may be required to work the day immediately prior or following the stat holiday in order to be eligible for holiday pay. Do not deduct more than the maximum employee contribution for the year. If your payroll is biweekly and the employee is paid one week of vacation pay and one week of regular pay, use the biweekly tables. Simply contact your sales representative at  to start the conversation. For example, for one week of paid vacation, use the weekly tax deduction table. In the province of Quebec either Good Friday or Easter Monday must be given as a paid statutory holiday, however many businesses will give both days.. Victoria Day coincides with National Patriotes Day.. Fête Nationale (St. John the Baptist Day) - June 24. The following procedures apply when you pay vacation pay and your employee takes holidays. Luckily, Payworks has a chart with all of the different stat holiday pay rates you might need for 2019: An average day's pay, plus 1.5 times the employee's hourly rate for the first 12 hours worked; 2 times the hourly rate after that. This includes employees in federal industries relating to infrastructure, finance, transportation, telecoms, many First Nations activities, and most federal Crown corporations, to name a few. He usually works 8 hours a day. Clear communication has long been acknowledged as the, Even with comprehensive training, frequent reminders, While the term itself may not be familiar, you very, It’s 3 a.m. and you’ve been awake half the night, When an employee browses the web, they’re unknowingly, As your organization grows, so will the number of, The challenge of keeping pace with technological, Payworks’ Service team is pleased to assist our valued, Payworks has introduced a new clock option for, Legislative and regulatory information can be, In Canada, Employment Insurance (EI) provides a. Statutory holidays exist on a federal level; there are additional holidays for each province and territory. In some jurisdictions, a holiday that falls on a 'day of rest' may be moved to the employee's first scheduled working day in observance. Statutory holidays and national holiday Examples of calculation. All employees are entitled to "Stat Holiday Pay". Here’s what to do next, Why two-factor authentication is worth the extra step, Strength in numbers: taking a layered approach to information security, Software updates: one of the simplest ways to protect your system.

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When you calculate the amount of income tax to deduct, use the tax table that applies to the period of vacation. How to calculate the indemnity . Good Friday or Easter Monday (employer’s choice) 3. Your top legislation questions… answered! The employee takes holidays. The second Monday of October (Thanksgiving) 7. Do not deduct more than the maximum employee premium for the year. Include in the employee's income any contributions you make to a trust for vacation credits that an employee earns in the year. Generally speaking, full-time employees are to be paid for all holidays recognized by their jurisdiction, subject to the entitlement rules of that province or territory. January 1 (New Year’s Day) 2. The recognition of the various holidays varies between provinces and the legislation is publicized in the Employment Standards Act of each individual province or territory. Deduct Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions from vacation pay in the same way as you would from regular pay. The following holidays are observed in additon to the national holidays in Canada.. The Monday before May 25 (Journée nationale des patriotes) 4. The following procedures apply when you pay vacation pay and your employee takes holidays. Client Services Toll-Free: 1-866-788-3500|1565 Willson Place, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 4H1|Copyright ©2019 Payworks Inc. Deduct CPP/QPP contributions, EI/QPIP premiums, and income tax from this amount as if you had paid the amount directly to the employee. Do not deduct more than the maximum employee contribution for the year. If the holiday falls on a regular workday: 2 times regular rate OR regular pay for hours worked + one day paid leave within the next 30 days. When part of the pay period includes a public holiday (such as Christmas day), calculate deductions as you normally would. Other resources to consult regarding statutory holiday pay for federally regulated businesses include the Canada Labour Code website. If the employee is paid one week of vacation pay and the second week is unpaid, also use the biweekly tables. Each province has its own guidelines on qualifying for a Statutory Holiday, and how an employee is paid if he or she works on the Statutory Holiday.

Links to relevant provincial websites, which includes information on general holiday pay by province or territory, can also be found by visiting Payworks Resource section on

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