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The “Share Your Gifts” theme encourages Mac and iPad users to share their creativity with others. When the Miami-based fried chicken chain Popeyes brought out a chicken sandwich, that business, too, delved deeply into their social media presence to promote its new product. We would be remiss to not include an example of a COVID-19 themed ad in this year’s roundup. The Apple campaign features music written by a girl who keeps her creations secret, until they’re let out into the world by her dog and enjoyed by everyone around her.

— Popeyes Chicken (@PopeyesChicken) August 19, 2019. And to gain more insights about social media marketing, remember to download our Social Media Pocket Guide. By targeting your PR campaigns towards your primary audience, you stand to gain much more traction in your industry. Tip: Can you inject personality into your brand with a character, or find a way to create visual consistency? In addition to being able to physically hunt for the vehicle, customers were also encouraged to deduce clues about the location from the commercials as well as other hints strategically placed throughout their social media channels. was the perfect brand ambassador because he harkened back to the type of maverick appeal that was behind the brand’s memorable rallying cry: Just Do It. By creating a free Spotify playlist, they made sure their customers walked away with a ‘Value Add’ that they could use everyday, a nightly reminder that the brand they’re falling asleep on is looking out for them.

There is a huge opportunity to attract undiscovered audiences and amplify brand recognition just like these stand-out brands were able to do. First, understand the meaning of the roadmap. Creative research project manager Petra O’Halloran explained why it was important to Getty to be a part of the campaign. Long-running social advocates, Dove, partnered with Getty images to bring this powerful campaign to life. Breaking Down Silos to Improve Customer Experience: 6 Essential Steps. Do you create products that your customers love and naturally want to talk about? Starbucks launched a one week campaign filled with our favorite things: magic, unicorns, and bright colors.

Realize that not everyone is in your target demographic, and that sometimes it’s okay to create waves, if it means standing by your brand values. Another important takeaway is to understand your target audience and the type of messaging that appeals to them. Entireweb November 9, 2020 Leave a Comment. Burger King nailed their message, and got it across to the right audience. Brands that are inspired by this campaign can take away a few lessons. We’re well into a new year — which means it’s time for another roundup of our favorite marketing campaigns. Coffee is the daily routine for millions of people, it’s the base … By incorporating experiential elements to your PR campaigns, you can boost engagement, and thus create a deeper connection with your audience. By all accounts, it is a tasty burger. Influencers come in all shapes, sizes and demographic flavors. Looking for a better way to plan out and create your next viral campaign? The clever execution showed how the users of Apple products are the real heros, however to find success and execute with excellence, they should be using Apple products. For the popular athletic shoe manufacturer Nike. Cotopaxi is a brand that focuses on the humans that use their products, with a humanity first approach. Brands can also learn a lesson from these COVID-19 campaigns. Tip: In today’s climate, people want to know where your brand stands, for example, on environmental or social issues. The takeaway for brands from Facebook’s Super Bowl campaign is that advertising in new places or on new platforms can help your business reach a wider audience. Bringing them to life with characters can inject huge personality into your brand messaging, a way to make the originally boring relevant on social media. It’s been a long month of navigating how to make your social media campaign work, new strategies, approaches, content ideas and we’re all just getting started. How To Use IGTV Shopping to Drive More Sales, 6 New Ways To Monetize Your Facebook Page + Other Updates, How to get featured by LinkedIn News Editors and make your content go viral, 21 Genius Facebook Post Ideas to Boost Your Engagement, 5 Hacks To Speed Up Your Content Creation Process. “Like its mythical namesake, the Unicorn Frappuccino blended crème comes with a bit of magic, starting as a purple beverage with swirls of blue and a first taste that is sweet and fruity. For the campaign, Gillette created a short film that addresses the #MeToo movement and the problems in society it highlights, such as sexual harassment, bullying, and toxic masculinity. Lush has proved over and over again that their bath bombs and soaps aren’t just a product, using their eco-friendly products is a lifestyle. Tip: If your brand sells products, feature them in Shoppable Posts in a way that relates to your audience. If Shoppable Instagram posts aren’t part of your strategy yet, here’s great inspiration on why to get started. Even though the ads weren’t welcome everywhere (like the entire Chicago Transit Authority), OkCupid demonstrated the effectiveness of disruptive marketing.

The coup de grâce, though, were the numbers “08 14 16” on the right shoe’s sole.

Facebook VS Instagram VS LinkedIn: Which One Is Right For You? But give it a stir and its color changes to pink, and the flavor evolves to tangy and tart. The key lies in understanding your target audience, so that you can customize a message that’s meant for their eyes and ears alone. So not only was this an eye-catching campaign to promote the removal of artificial preservatives from their menu, it also worked to deposition Burger King’s rivals. Tip: Are there historical facts that you could share with your audience, or could you become part of another brand’s conversation? Characters help personify a brand, especially the cute bear that Charmin uses to jump on trending hashtags and topics.

Launching a brand media streaming platform when brands like Netflix have been around for years would have been a risky exersize. The ad, called “Ready to Rock?” featured celebrity appearances from actor Sylvester Stallone and comedian Chris Rock, as well as highlighting several “rock” themed Facebook Groups, including Table Rock Lake, Moab Rock Climbers, Rock Buggies, and Rocky Balboa Going the Distance. Vision and clarity are the two aspects of successful brand positioning. The more swirl, the more the beverage’s color and flavors transform.”. For months, a fried chicken frenzy gripped America, sparking food-fights and fistfights as people scrambled to get their hands on a brand-new burger. Browse the best social media campaigns, examples, ideas and social media marketing projects including contests, games and similar applications from leading brands in 2020. The ad took a hard look at toxic masculinity and while some complained about it, others applauded Gillette for taking a firm social stance. Tip: How are you currently engaging with your social media community? This campaign was a huge success to Gillette in terms of brand awareness. Disney+ took a risk as viral campaigns are almost impossible to manufacture, but after the success, they were also able to leverage merchandise to boost sales. Popeyes Chicken didn’t like the messaging Chic-Fil-A was promoting around the LGBQT community, so decided to copy one of their burgers, with a few enhancements to highlight how they could be doing a better job. The success of this campaign approached a tough social matter and highlighted the brand values of Gillette. What if shoppers decided to boycott the sneaker? Advertising moldy food might seem counterintuitive for a fast-food restaurant, but Burger King’s campaign is actually a clever swipe at their adversary, McDonald’s, who was recently in the spotlight due a man’s experiment which revealed how a McDonald’s burger had barely changed over the course of 20 years. This beautiful campaign showed a real understanding, empathy and love for their core customer base. The campaign, called “The No Show Room,” featured breathtaking shots of the vehicle in the snowy terrain and dropped hints about its location through commercials showing members of Sweden’s national ski team trekking through the wilderness around the car’s hiding spot. Partnering with a company who shared the same values, Getty identified that there was a rise in searches on their platform. Nike capitalised on heroes (like Williams) using their brand, to inspire those who look up to them to encourage them to follow in their footsteps, and to follow their own crazy dreams.

Lesson to be learned: Find the right brand spokesperson, and half your battle is won. With a number of easter eggs (including the singer of the advert being Billie Elish), you can watch Apples video here. By incorporating experiential elements to your PR campaigns, you can boost engagement, and thus create a deeper connection with your audience. Tip: How can you use Social Proof in your brand to inspire others to take action, where the knock-on effect is to use your product to get there? Secondary lesson?

After winning ‘Australasian Startup Founder of The Year’ for her achievements helping businesses grow using Instagram, she now splits her time between Silicon Valley and Sydney to grow her own software business, and help others grow their businesses too. Unsurprisingly, their hashtag trends on Twitter every time they launch a campaign. This year, Burger King announced that they had removed artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors from their Whopper. But it quickly became more than just a burger. Kayleigh Ogley of Gradient Consulting further reiterates, “Brands need to capitalize on opportunities that have the maximum positive impact for the brand. #ShowUs features a library of 5,000 photographs of women from 39 countries around the world. “Confident businesswoman’ is up 428 per cent from last year, but the most staggering of all is that the term ‘female empowerment’ is up 591 per cent.”, “Visual storytelling is the language of our time, it’s very powerful.

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