the horror at 37,000 feet (1973) cast

Though this list contains every horror-ish movie I've ever seen, my goal is to feature lesser-known horror films so novices…, Stephen Williamson 7,700 films 272 5 Edit, The book "Are you in the House Alone", edited by Amanda Reyes, is 330 pages chock full of television movie…, Copied this list from Chris Duck so I could have it handy. Perfect example of high concept cinema done on a low budget. *************************************************** Big thanks to user Justin Bishop for taking the….

Crew and passengers come into jeopardy when an invisible demon escapes from the altar. I normally like Paul Winfied, but I wasn't loving his accent in this. The story flags a lot in the middle (the stuff with the doll was silly) but it delivers an adequate ending. It is something continually tinkered with, and…, John Irving Bloom, known as Joe Bob Briggs is an American Writer, Comedian, and Television Host that presented movies for…. TV movies in the 1970s were quite edgy, you must admit.They TRIED, whether good or bad, and yet like a lot of music, we always refer back to the 1960s and '70s for pop culture references that just won't die.Completely serious yet unable to escape its hokey execution, it still comes across as genuinely creepy (that whole thing with the doll as a sacrifice was a jaw-dropper!

Chuck Connors Buddy Ebsen Tammy Grimes Lynn Loring Jane Merrow France Nuyen William Shatner Roy Thinnes Paul Winfield Will Hutchins Darleen Carr Brenda Benet Russell Johnson H.M. Wynant Mia Bendixsen Veronica Anderson Gerald Peters Robert Donner Peter Ashton, Ronald Austin James D. Buchanan V.X. SST:DF is about a flu infested plane which is a little more classed up by it's terrific cast, which I won't go into here. Made for tv, terror in the sky Druid death jam with three of my favorite people: Chuck Connors, Paul Winfield, and William Shatner. As a straight up horror though this is a bit thin. A cheap CBS tv-horror about ancient demons onboard a plane with a bunch of american actors with horrible english accents and William Shatner hamming it up as an alcoholic priest who has lost his faith which means he will play an integral part in the conclusion. Director: Jerry London. Joe Bob Briggs Drive-In Megathon - The DEFINITIVE List! Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. (Subject To Revision). From David Rich, the director of "Satan's School for Girls" and "SST: Death Flight", comes this little TV movie about the ghosts of some druid people loose on a sparsely passengered plane headed from England to America. If you wanted to see a group of people stand around being scared of mist at the back of a plane, this is the movie for you. Less than half the runtime of The Langoliers and actually has very few similarities to The Langoliers. Buddy Ebsen. A US coast guard finds only a woman still alive aboard a shipwreck. The Horror at 37,000 Feet ; Where to watch JustWatch. Cast (in credits order) verified as complete. Looking for some great streaming picks? This FAQ is empty. Search for "The Horror at 37,000 Feet" on, Title: I love these kinds of 70s TV movies.

God bless the suits in Hollyweird who said "Hey The Exorcist is big hit, and Airport is a big hit, what if we combined the two?" This review may contain spoilers.

1973 Surprisingly effective though in that very cozy tv-way where they cant show anything and at 70 mins it's just plain fun, I loved it! Now SSfG is a fabulously disjointed narrative of a TV movie with Pamela Franklin and Kate Jackson that's just about what you think it is. Cozy TV movie that clocks in at barely 70 minutes about a haunted... cargo hold?

A stacked cast battle each other for an ample slice of the 72 to 74 minute running time, the budget is ultra low, and the music cues tell you when this went to ads on American TV. For everyone who likes The Langoliers, there's an airplane. The ghost/druid/whatever is invisible so mostly we just see some wind blowing about, some cold and lots of disembodied voices. legit good made for tv movie. And that was for one reason: the cast. (TV Movie 1973). But they could never, never top this cast. 1973 Directed by David Lowell Rich.

Lovely. ), and you can't deny that any time this is broadcast on television (thanks to the TNT network lately! Appleton, Horror nas alturas, Horror in 37000 Fuß, Orrore a 12000 metri, 73 mins   I give Horror At 37,000 Feet such a high rating because it successfully ENTERTAINS, no matter how completely schlocky it is. Two scientists suspect that there is someone other than their research primates inhabiting their polar station. Man, and everyone on that plane has SUCH an attitude or issue with something, those who survived the evil creeping up from the cargo area must have at least been left with an ulcer. I'd love to see a remake with a tighter, better script. But, in the end, the film lacks horror, plot, characterization, and even a resolution.Not good. This is basically just that, with a dry-run subplot that's reminiscent of Halloween III. I had never heard of this film up until a few days ago when I found links for it online to stream.

Add a bunch of haunted stones, nutso passengers, frozen bodies, gooey shit, Latin, people getting sucked out of planes, and some creepy cloaked druids and you have a fun cocktail of tv satanic panic.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. the Professor from Gilligan's Island, Buddy Ebsen and…. I don’t really know anything else to say....thats what it boils down to. I was 9 years old when I saw this CBS Network movie when it first aired in 1972 and my brother, sister, and I were wide-eyed and scared silly by it! Also, you gotta love a film that uses that "cricket" sound effect that seems borrowed from War Of The Worlds. After several locals are viciously murdered, a Louisiana sheriff starts to suspect he may be dealing with a werewolf. The possed ruins of an ancient abbey are stored in the bowels of a transatlantic flight and, once airborne, the spirits of evil druids attack the passengers.Unfortunately, the film fails to deliver on the premise. Amongst passengers on a flight from London to are an architect and his wife, bringing with them an altar from an ancient abbey secured in the plane's cargo hold. On December 29, 1972, Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 crashes into the Florida Everglades, resulting in 101 fatalities. It is funny and funny on purpose, but committed.

Very impressed with her. TMDb

A family moves into a new home in an isolated area, and soon realizes that someone--or something--doesn't want them there. A TV Movie Compendium 1964-1999. Chuck Connors. So last year I successfully watched a clean hundred horror films. Thematically this is way up my alley so just from being told the synopsis I was already on board, but what I didn't expect was how well it manages to work around budgetary restraints. No, really, he does. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Nothing could beat this until at least Killdozer showed up two years later...Why is it that after all these years, those of us my age that know such wise things as Scooby Doo went completely downhill with the introduction of Scooby Dumb and Scrappy Doo .....CAN'T get this film out of our heads and it is agreed it is one of the most memorable pieces of TV wackiness every created!

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