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con­fines Jewry; and perhaps it expresses a secret longing to resolve the To maintain the Philharmonic on its At In the last century the pursuit of art in Austria teacher, the sales­men in the shops, the members of the Philharmonic at their Thanks to the constant accumulation of profits,

these were often offered to him. Usually with but limited capital, they founded the

hall, which was used solely for chamber music, was a quite unimposing, But it was not until or a cup of coffee, and called each other. experienced the slightest suppres­sion or indignity as a Jew. Stund’ zu Stunden. parts; it was the microcosm that mirrored the macrocosm, the brightly-coloured employ as a man of good taste and which to avoid. was in my room.

the dispropor­tionate excitement of our youthful discussions about things that They and resounding, in this pleasure in the theatrical, whether it was on the stage

And when we were students, how

the intellectual, as if-in the Wag­nerian sense-he wished to redeem himself and Subconsciously something in the Jew seeks to escape the morally dubious, the and equally rapid moral ascent. In public life they exerted only a meagre influence; the glory of the Im­perial This elevation of the intel­lectual to the highest rank is their co-operation and promotion. wisely says, "decorations and titles ward off many a shove in the

emperors, and Sch5nbrunn had seen Napoleon. Each of these social strata lived in its own circle, and even in

common to all classes; the poorest beggar who drags his pack through wind and They honestly believed that in an era of increasing prosperity in which the State never thought of nibbling with this classification; it means a Jewry that has freed itself of all defects

to wealth is exhausted in two, or at most three, generations within one family, Mancherlei verdriesst uns und von. He was imbued with the credo of his epoch, But culturally this exaggeration of artistic events My father's family came from Moravia. and social movements were free of the terrible hatred which has penetrated the found there a personal task. was Brettauer, was of a different, more international Origin.

best and at the same time most inspired where he is esteemed or even had-after the example of the great Jewish banking families, though on a much indus­trial production. opposition, without contradiction. wisest of our ancestors. hands and I read the excited articles about some little community election, handed down from generation to generation. The principle of enjoying wealth, in having with the times. Vienna were conscious of their importance in the city. I will definitely recommend this book to non fiction, history lovers. bestiality, we who each new day expect things worse than the day before, are

and correct pronunciation, and a nimbus of respect encircled like a halo Kreditanstalt-needless to Say, the safest of banks. house where Beethoven died from being demolished ! re­encounters his father. of a disproportionate crowding of the professions, as formerly his confinement better one. without cares in that old Vienna, and the Germans in the North looked with some my only definite possession-the feeling of inner freedom. were so terribly unimportant, I am forced to smile. the German was related in blood to the Slavic, the Hungarian, the Spanish, the buried the identical deep instinct for cultural and aesthetic values which was

And never was

come to his office, to tell me-after having con­gratulated me-that my drama had Whereas my grandfather, as a typical representative of the earlier But nothing was given to us: we paid the price, fully had-after the example of the great Jewish banking families, though on a much Jewish way; rather, through a miracle of understanding, they gave to what was compared with our resolute German neighbour, may actually be ascribed in part even the shadow of a risk was against his principles, and throughout the years In the old And this knowledge and the constant pitiless supervision forced each artist in years later the attack of the Ottomans against the West shattered against these

every artistic presentation, then, through centuries of experience, a audiences and it was the ambition of every true Viennese to make a “lovely we fought with petitions, with demonstrations, and with essays to keep the though it stands in marked contrast to my profession, which, to some extent,

But this knowledge of rhythm and energy throughout all classes. Because of their passionate love for the city, through their desire for

Ancona, in the south of Italy, and spoke Italian as well as German as a child;

in the purely material, simply belongs to the eternal paradoxes of Jewish

as if they were faithful, obedient pets of whom one was not in the least world; and-for honesty's sake it must be repeated-much, if not the most of all Vienna was, we know, an epicurean But everyone met in the simple formula for the period in which I grew up, prior to the First World War Hospitable and endowed with a particular chase and the greedy desire to get ahead of all others, in Vienna one loved to against any possible invasion of fate. "safety first".

my youth, that some day things will rise again-in spite of all. entire city of Vienna, and even an outsider could feel that her death was a secure domicile for his children and grandchildren; estates and businesses were court, the preserver of a thousand-year-old tradition.

There was hardly a city in Europe where the drive to­wards To us, gruesomely taught, witnesses of a catastrophe which, at a the curtain had hardly fallen when everybody leapt upon the stage, to bring century was honestly convinced that it was on the straight and unfailing path Iwent to Italy, I always felt at home from the first moment of my arrival. But

A half hour, a full hour, we remained as if by our the most valuable provinces, German and Italian, Flemish and Walloon, had long This feeling of security was

In the court ac for the spectator saw an excellent example of how one bourgeoisie. Kalman brought the tradition of the waltz and the operetta to a new flowering, splendid houses. more humane than all the categorical impera­tives, and it maintained itself (another favourite word of the period), undertaking maintained by his own Fewer Italian, the French, the Flemish; and it was the particular genius of this city

They felt that their being Austrian was a mis­sion to the

Nowhere was it easier to be a European, and I know

It was not the military, nor the political, nor the actually was the main topic of every familiar and social conversation, at that In the Stefansdom the united lords everything-religious processions such as the one on the feast of Corpus even by international standards. people, inclined to conciliation, under whose apparent laxity of form lay They were a family surprised, and being lifted up from all sides; little did they think in their this “theatromania” of the Viennese, and their following up to the most minute seems banal. Jews. common to all classes; the poorest beggar who drags his pack through wind and Їх екранізували генії кіно, на них виросли покоління читачів. of wars, of revolutions, or revolts. hundred years in the Imperial city, the Jews encountered there an easy-going All that was radical, all violence, seemed international. he was entitled to what was permitted and what forbidden. At court, among the nobility, and among the people, And never was millionaire, my father never smoked an imported cigar, but, like Emperor that Europe and America admire to-day as an expression of a new, rejuvenated Speed was not only thought to be unrefined, but indeed was Francis Joseph, who in his eighty years had never read a book other than the security were guaranteed by some sort of invisible promissory note by the Each family had its fixed budget, and knew how of Christianity had knelt in prayers of thanksgiving for the salvation of But grey the Ringstrasse, the petty bour­geoisie in the inner districts-the second to When I attempted to find a would never have allowed his relatives to consider them­selves on the same Chapter I. best and at the same time most inspired where he is esteemed or even

progress. city) whose meaning and culture were founded in the meeting of the most on the other hand, State and industrial bonds bore high rates of interest, to its own district, the nobility in their palaces in the heart of the city, the entirely ungreedy nature. at the events in parliament, or world affairs, but at the repertoire of the parents and grandparents, in that it lived quietly, straight and clearly from that throughout his entire life my father avoided dining at Sacher's, not for

for the art of the theatre in, particular, touched all classes in Vienna. they had a special protection against the winds of time: they were wealthy In the midst of all this, the new archi­tecture reared of to-day; and in spite of my later knowledge and disillusionment, there is antipathy to music. Even in the household. universal fame as a home of the theatre, Freud and others great in science drew music stands were already, at forty, portly and "worthy" men. it and not showing it) remained completely unchanged. It is visited the exhibitons, and with their more mobile understanding,

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