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You're right in saying that only the Alt paragraph is no longer enough.


I really like the idea of video transcript, brings much value in addition to even more SEO content to post.

Thanks for sharing it. On the pages g1smd links to, I count roughly 10*100 nowhere near 7.7 Billion pages . Great post - I learned something new today, thx. Local data management solution to help customers find your business online.

Thanks for this contribution it really has made me grow as an SEO. As attributes can not contain markup, this scenario would not be possible with alt attributes alone.

Really enjoyed all three of these posts! It does imply that google doesn’t use this and the classification tag though, is this ture Matt.

If this fallback handling gives the developer more control, you might be wondering why the img tag doesn’t follow suit. it shouldnt contain “tags” you say. Only TLA can deliver an ad that does both.

Sorry if I missed a post you’ve already made on this :). To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Why do these angles look weird in my logo? Great post!

Here’s a quick example: Alt attributes are a win-win optimization for accessibility and SEO, but there are some things to keep in mind, particularly these first two items below, when optimizing alt attributes for screen readers. Adding captions and subtitles to HTML videos. You may have noticed the CSS version also adds helpful invisible display:none section headers, which are seen by the screen readers but not visible in the infographic. Speech recognition software. finally caught up with me, and I started posting publishing videos a month or two ago, using a Flip video I picked up on Amazon. Keyword stuffing in an alt tag isn't optimizing!

The decorative images are those that have no information? I have a question if i may, whois stats says that I have 19 alt tags missing but I’ve been through every page and cant find them.

For a less generalized point of view, study the documentation and other articles relating to this element. Captions should not be confused with subtitles — they are similar, yet distinct from each other. Thanks for your post <3

. since i just checked screen readers are not able to read the content using title attribute unlike alt 2 Likes mtfApril 1, 2018, 12:33am Good tips through video to put alt attributes for images.

Thanks for sharing such a valuable information. Image alt attributes in SEO are used to describe to search bots what the image is or what the image points to if the image is a link. jpg" and as alt tag is used "dreams of my childhood".
Let me correct you and Phillip. Richard Hearne (RedCardinal), John did the final paragraph in the webmaster blog post at .

Truth be told, lots of people at Google refer to elements/tags/attributes pretty interchangeably, and usually everyone understands what we mean from the context. Thanks. Modern IDEs are magic. There are so many things in your article which I was not aware of.

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This is a great observation but we can not use the alt attribute within the opening video tag.

accessible optimization techniques for search engines as well as all non-text elements such as images, applets, videos, sounds, etc.

. I don’t see you using one on this page, so I am still looking for an example.

For example WSJ columnist Walt Mossberg is pretty good but there are some images that clearly aren’t Walt or aren’t even people showing up, YouTube: Upload your video, download the automated transcription, and then edit the transcription to use it wherever you intend to use it. There is so much good stuff in this I book marked it in my SEO folder as a reference guide for handling images and videos. But more important is to use the right image naming and the right use of stop characters. Hi Matt, I have been watching your blog for some time and i have found some interesting stuff on it. This video is from 2007. The video accesibility is another of the main issues for a company.

index.php and startseite-1.htm are the same.

The browser will choose the first source it Options for providing text accompaniments for your video content include: In case you missed the previous posts, here’s what we’ve covered: And I want to extend a huge thank you to the folks below for taking the time for fact-checking, providing references, for some great discussions while creating this series, and for their commitment to making the web accessible. hows they are ? This warning is positive for everybody. I'm sorry, but I have to assume that, from a webdesign & SEO utilitarian perspective, the odds of a blind user coming to my client's site and getting annoyed by the description is much, much less likely to happen than my client getting an SEO boost out of keyword-favorable image description. That is a crack up Michael dressed up like a Googler. How to make this illumination effect with CSS. Never titles for img and a tags. I cannot stand when clients come to me from another SEO company with "optimized alt tags."

Nice post Matt, although to have your .jpg file named as catnyarn.jpg as an added extra would help the big G index and recognize the image for what it is, as long as the file name is not stuffed with keywords/phrases, as you say. I looked at the YouTube code for your video above: and there isn’t a video title or ALT attribute in there.

and why google catches these attributes.

, Abdul you might want to check out Moz's guide. You’ll notice they look incredibly similar.

The intelligent route would be to expand this blog to include a couple of other Google search quality Engineers, along with an occasional post by Sergey or Larry. what does the alt tag represents that it can’t be used in a video tag? (header photo is the search result for "scene" in the Blind Photographers Flickr photo pool.). At a glance (and I could be wrong) this seems like a quick win we could roll out without too much difficulty. So referring to an “ALT tag” is a bit sloppy and incorrect. If so, I have alt attributes on them. There are still many people who prefer to read rather than watch a video. As you can imagine, images online can be problematic for visually impaired visitors to decipher, but luckily we’re using technology here so you and I can help solve that issue with the proper coding on and around images and non-text elements. But if I only use the title-tag (tool-tip) then the validation of my HTML page would be incorrect (according to the W3C it would say “missing alt-tag”), How will Google treat this (stuffing? The video accesibility is another of the main issues for a company. The

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