what is a water main break

In many cases, the main break itself may interrupt water service or reduce water pressure for customers. Crews are currently working to fix the water main break. Nowadays, PEX pipe is normally used instead of metal for sewer pipe replacement, eliminating the risk of rusting. x��[mo���~���EQ�"`1\._� E r@��N?�m��H��ν�����+�Uxm�`�������;�|� {��{����7_��3��$c߾�,��q&

Who To Call When Reporting a Break or Leak It can be extremely dramatic.

In the case of a serious, widespread water emergency, it’s always a good idea to have a few gallons of water stored away. �d����DRю���#~����:������"�l��Π��L���uTd2���T��5P���Sg�b�]؉�R���/�(_��n'd���!��.|��%p�@����i�-

Now bring on the 5G.

Cold weather and freezing temperatures create stress on our water and sewer infrastructure, increasing the chance of leaks. A crew can be dispatched to flush the system through fire hydrants and/or at your meter location. Make sure that you get a warranty on water main replacement or repair.

An operator will ask the caller questions to collect information about the location and severity of the situation so WSS staff can respond effectively.

Often the water department cuts off water flow; however, if you suspect an area water main break, report it and stop using water until notified it is safe. NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A water main break caused major street flooding in Queens Friday, leaving cars underwater. Call the 24-hour emergency hotline at 703-228-6555 right away.

Cleveland Water | 1201 Lakeside Ave. | Cleveland, Ohio 44114 | (216)664-3130. 11207, View a detailed video on the water line installation process. The information gathered for this address and account states that the plumbing material is currently . Use of hot water may draw discolored water into your hot water heater, prolonging a potential disruption.

�� h�D�$N�/��?G����!���0��EO&ew�9�����r�"%���Qpmg��8��9����U=��0D�޹���3��8島V#+�-6�$U֩i�s�?��A��ny؜ʆ3. c}W���"G�{b;��]W�zRct��ֳ��ʐ��K�MS]�����[�\TgQ� �z������W ����t��7��[��'&ĺ���.���8���i!�U���ˏg����(��F��5�նgE�T�.+�[f/��(uU=�#C�mg��^�R9@w�F���� Based on observations, the investigator will re-prioritize the leak, potentially as an emergency if warranted, and will put the area into a temporarily safe condition. Crews are on the scene making repairs. �� Bʩy\T���`��@��#$��E�S�4��>���O*i���y{�.��.�;��u�h���"����G��p��� xsBRR��Yc�{�,6M{ ������ڤ�{��lM�W� '� �D4j��c� {�xᡟ ����z�=��dc�6��땂l����qR�G� 8b ��EWk��%���>�)��D$ɨgA�p��f� ���M!5�uq�J&P�����}�s��r?D�"ߐ/���s@M2���)��=��b�O����,�bZ$n2��¸��5t�&ZT��|��N�Z�g!袷8�3�:� �0����:1�*��v=�d�N���+8��Ƅ&���̾���.���X�n�FԱ��1؂՗�=���ɴ�O�YeN�OF/�{6Q�#�R�{��7���&v��'04,�v��� n���ŋ ��,�~���5�R��`N�Tɯv'\Ԛ3 �q��3l�TfS����+1��1,F��'��&=Pl����)���`W[�Q��6�� �2���'q)�sl�k�8����}�8/��̕�̊`�~ A typical repair can take anywhere from 4-6 hours, depending on the type of repair and the location of the break.

This might cause a temporary service disruption to some properties.

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