while you were sleeping cast korean

Hope this drama Come next week, Keiko Apr 08 2017 12:17 pm graciella Oct 27 2017 9:19 pm As expected the drama was really great with a fantastic story. He's one of a kind. I can't wait until this comes out, it sounds really good and I love jongsuk soso much and I'm looking forward to seeing him. I dunno but the drama is quite exaggerating.

It's offensive here because the rules are not consistent: sometimes they come true, sometimes they don't. HOw wonderful this drama!!! LJS is the central point of the show and Suzy is a great foil-one of the best OTPs.All other actors were very good too. iwan Sep 07 2017 6:17 pm Cel Oct 13 2017 9:32 pm Omo. ChelvieJoan Oct 14 2017 9:29 pm OMG~! I didn't find Suzy's acting as bad as everyone else says; it's just my opinion, but her acting was pretty impressive in the episode where Jae Chan was shot.Every episode was very interesting; I didn't feel like the same thing was dragged onto the whole story like it happens in other dramas. in this episode, Jung hae In looks so much like a lead character than Suzy and Lee Jong Suk.
Oh God. In conclusion, this is a truly beautiful drama that really reminds us that as long as good people are still around, there will be justice. These two..

Whenever Hong Ju cries, I can't stop my tears, Suzy is so great, I am wondering if she is spending her life crying because she is so used to it and it was heart wrecking. Florandy Cabrera Oct 29 2017 1:16 pm Lak Oct 14 2017 5:44 am I can't stand watching Suzy's acting, sorryyyy... Shechai May 16 2018 9:09 pm Tuesday Apr 17 2019 6:14 am i wonder why many ppl said her act was bad, if she bad an act, why she had starring some films and drama. WYWS Sep 08 2017 10:42 pm Especially when Jung Jae-Chan is rehearsing in the interrogation room and he doesn't know they are all watching.

Lee Jong Suk.

There were like 3 different show which popped up in my search under the same title, While You Were Sleeping. V Nov 08 2017 7:57 pm Casts, Story, Scenes, Places, OST, etc. The best is still I Can Hear Your Voice tho. I watched the first episode several months ago, and I didn’t finish it because somehow I just don’t like the plot. do anyone of you know the outfit sponsorship in this drama at the end of each episode or credits ? jennie Sep 06 2017 8:07 am I can't wait to see their drama, - Jan 12 2017 7:02 am Palliii, Park Eun Yoon May 25 2017 8:16 pm This is definitely a drama worth watching. Good job suzy and ljs! Why do i feel like this one's going to flop? It's also visually beautiful to look at to be sure ^^ Even the songs are awesome! I wish some people tell me ' you can't say this! One night, Hong-Joo dreams about the death of her own mother. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=90; Saranghaeyo. I couldn’t stop watching this drama and tbh the storyline is amazing! It was interesting throughout and had a really good story.

Jul 30 2020 3:14 am LoneGunMan Nov 02 2017 4:06 pm woaaww. This drama is good, it felt like I'm watching Nolan's movies. Congratulations!!! Iin Nov 17 2017 11:40 pm What i really love about this show is there is no.room for boredom... i am a sucker of romantic drama, i mostly like drama thay has a lot of romance but with this one, oh i love every single details of this, the romance, the right executiin of humor and the legal theme itself making it so entertaining! They are so natural and sweet. This drama is really insane, so intense for only the first and second episode. She was Kang dae hee's younger sister & she also works at the cafe. Couldn't wait to watch it?? Amazing kdramaaaa. Hope she improve or else I won't watch, though my bubbly sunshine Jongsuk acting in it. Another thing I loved about this drama was the fact that it also expanded on the lives of co-workers and family. Lee Jong Suk played a cool yet very goofy character with a big heart (I'm tired of serious perfect amazing at fighting male leads) and Suzy played an intelligent, cool yet also goofy character. This writer wrote DreamHigh, Page Turner and IHYV, she's good in female characterization.

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